2020 Michigan


2020 Michigan

Swing Blue Michigan Volunteers focused on Michigan races up and down the ballot. Grassroots volunteers helped Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win Michigan, defend one Senate seat and two seats in the House of Representatives, hold two seats and flip two seats in the Michigan State House, and flip two seats in the State Supreme Court.

Michigan’s 16 Electoral College votes played a critical role in winning the White House. The Michigan win helped President-Elect Joe Biden reach 264 electoral votes the night after the election—leaving him just one state away from the required 270 electoral college votes. In 2016, Donald Trump won Michigan by just 10,704 votes, but in 2020, grassroots volunteers contributed more than 154,000 votes to Joe Biden’s win.

Michigan grassroots volunteers from around the country joined 100+ events, which included more than 1055 shifts to support the state. These volunteers joined our invincible grassroots partners, and helped put Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House, save a Senate seat, hold two House of Representative seats, hold the line in the State House, and flip the balance of power at the State Supreme Court.

Volunteering for Michigan

The fate of issues like civil rights, environment, groundwater contamination, increased funding for Michigan schools, healthcare, and infrastructure aren’t determined by our next President alone. Congress and state legislatures create long-term change. Our grassroots volunteers stood up to support these elections. 

Thank you, Michigan grassroots volunteers, for your inspiring work up and down the ballot! You joined hosted events, and many events sponsored by our awesome and inspiring friends and partners.

In an election like 2020, every minute, hour, and day counts. Grassroots volunteers supported virtual voter registration and get-out-the-vote in critical areas around the state, including Ann Arbor, Detroit-area (including Oakland County), Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Traverse City. Many of these areas saw depressed turnout in 2016, but 2020 yielded record-breaking turnout.

Volunteers organized, reached out, encouraged, inspired, kept going, kept believing, and wouldn’t give up. Grassroots volunteers stood up, took back Michigan, and helped rebuild the Blue wall.

Thank you to the Michigan team!