When it comes to electoral impact, Bucks County, Pennsylvania is one of the most important counties in the entire country.  This year, Bucks County voters will be voting on an open U.S. Senate seat, a Congressional seat, State House candidates that are in newly competitive races due to redistricting, and a new Governor.   2022 is a significant year for elections in PA!

Swing Blue Alliance is working with the Bucks County Democratic Committee on two important projects.

Mail-in Ballots

 With the past support from Swing Blue Alliance, Bucks County is now a leader in the state for high rates of mail ballot returns. 

In 2022, the mail ballot vote in Bucks County will again have an outsized impact on state and federal races.   We mail ballot applications to Democrats who are on the fence about voting in upcoming elections.  We also write to voters who haven’t reliably turned in their ballots in the past to let them know of convenient dropbox locations near them. As part of an experiment, we are even sending some voters a stamp so that they can drop their ballot in any mailbox.

Swing Blue Alliance makes it convenient for anyone to host a postcard or letter-writing distribution, no matter where you are with clear, easy -to-understand hosting instructions, an e-store that ships materials directly to you, and help promoting your distribution event.  To get started, connect with the host team.


Recruit Volunteers Where it Matters Most

Recruiting volunteers is one of the most effective ways you can help to build a strong Democratic infrastructure in swing states.

We are currently recruiting volunteers who live in Bucks County, PA.  Bucks is Pennsylvania’s “swingiest” county, and experts say that it will remain so for years to come.  Join our calling team and talk to friendly Bucks County Democrats who are often interested in volunteering. Many of them have volunteered in the past and are pleased to receive our call.

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