Phone Banking

Can’t travel to a battleground state this election cycle? The next, most-effective action you can take is calling voters or even helping our phone banking team organize a phone bank!

Types of phone banks

We are committed to providing the most effective phone bank choices. When speaking with voters, our campaigns in battleground states and districts emphasize conversations with voters, finding out what they think, not telling them what to think. This strategy has been proven to be the most effective.

  • Recruit volunteers – We recruit in-person volunteers for face-to-face conversations with voters to help win critical elections and build a more substantial Democratic presence in swing districts.
  • Inform voters – We help citizens vote by informing them when they’re falling off voter lists, explaining where and how to vote, and reminding them to vote by election day.
  • Engage voters – We contact voters about key campaigns and issues throughout the election season so they understand what’s at stake this year.


We offer a comprehensive training to our volunteers before every phone bank to provide support, answer questions, and cover technical issues. We’re also online throughout the phone bank to ensure volunteers are successful. At the end of each session, we debrief as a team, share stories, solve problems, and learn from each other.

Top Opportunities

Calling Charlotte/Mecklenburg County For the Win!
Sundays, 6 – 8pm EDT
These are easy calls, we are calling strong Democrats to engage volunteers and voters in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg area! Last year, we made 10,000 such calls and were the single largest recruitment effort to rebuild the Mecklenburg Co. Democratic Party. We need your help again to expand the volunteer base, develop skilled campaigners, and test new strategies for the critical 2024 elections.

NC Dems Need Votes & Volunteers, We’re Calling for Both
Wednesdays, 6 – 8pm EDT
We are calling strong Democrats to engage volunteers and voters in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg County area and working to elect Safiyah Jackson to NC state House District 37 and flip this seat.