Top Volunteer Actions 

Swing Blue Alliance carefully selects volunteer programs poised to make the most impact in upcoming elections. Below are the top actions from our calendar to support Democrats in the 2024 election.

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Double your impact with every letter you send – Join the Working America letter writing campaign
We’re writing to Working America members (an association of 4.3 million pro-labor voters) as part of  the only persuasion campaign that has been shown consistently to work.  We’re not asking these persuadable likely voters  to vote – we’re asking them to make  healthcare access  their top voting issue.  One successful persuasion letter can have a greater impact than two successful turnout letters. It’s like sending two letters for the price of one!

Get Working America(ns) good healthcare


Join the Frontline Update
Saturday, June 29 from 10:00 – 10:30 am EDT
The Swing Blue Alliance Frontline Update is our 30-minute monthly volunteer meeting. Each meeting features an in-depth look at a key activism topic or one of our focus states: Pennsylvania, New York, Arizona, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. We also explain how you can take immediate action to support ongoing campaigns and get insights into what strategies have been successful. 

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Call for NY Democrat Mondaire Jones: Defeat Republican Dirty Tricks
June 24th
Democrat Mondaire Jones is running to flip New York’s 17th Congressional District! He doesn’t have a Democratic challenger for the June 25th primary, but Mondaire is also the endorsed nominee of the Working Families Party (a progressive political party in NY), and a Republican switched registration and is running against him for the WFP nomination. We are working with the Mondaire Jones campaign and using OpenVPB to call WFP voters. We will have a training before every phone bank and be available to help throughout the phone bank.

Call Voters

Learn Deep Canvassing & Practice in Philadelphia, PA
June 23rd (in-person)
Registering new Democratic leaning voters is the best use of our time right now, and YOU can do it. You’ll meet great people and help Democrats tip the balance in the upcoming election. 

Learn Deep Canvassing in Philly

Voter Registration and Deep Canvassing in Allentown, PA

Where: Allentown and Bethlehem, PA.
What: hot spot registration, canvassing for unregistered voters, and “deep canvassing” with the Susan Wild campaign
Date Options (click on the date to see specific details, and to sign up if you wish):
June 21-23

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Call North Carolina Dems for Votes & Volunteers
Wednesdays from 6:00 – 8:00 pm EDT
We are calling strong Democrats to engage volunteers and voters in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg County area and working to elect Safiyah Jackson to NC state House District 37 and flip this seat.

Make Calls for North Carolina

Our 2024 Strategy 

Swing Blue Alliance has a focused process for determining what programs we’ll invest our time and energy so we can ensure your volunteer work counts. We call it AIM HI—standing for Additive, Important, Measurable, Helpful, and Impactful. 

This methodology helped us choose five primary states for 2024 (Pennsylvania, New York, Arizona, North Carolina, and Wisconsin) and focus on voter registration as our #1 program heading into election season. 

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