Top Actions

Top Actions

Top Actions

AIM HI for the Midterms Special event August 21st from 5-6pm.
If you want to wake up on November 9th feeling that you made a meaningful contribution to swinging our country Blue, the next Swing Blue All-Volunteer meeting is for you.

Win Blue NH: New Hampshire has critical US Senate and House races that are important to defend and likely to be very competitive, and a state legislature that is ripe for turning blue.  Win Blue NH has developed on the ground relationships in NH and engages in a full range of highly effective grassroots actions there.

Postcard and Letter-Writing Actions:  The Postcard and Letter-Writing team works with partners on the ground to design, implement and measure the effectiveness of postcard and letter-writing campaigns. Learn how to become a postcard/letter-writing host.

Volunteers Taking Back Democracy: Make relationship-building calls that help partners re-engage past local volunteers and get valuable feedback and suggestions. Local volunteers who live in the community are better received by their neighbors and are better informed to do direct outreach to voters

North Carolina: Phone banks and postcarding efforts to elect Democrats up and down ballot in North Carolina.

Pennsylvania: Phone banks to recruit local volunteers and postcarding efforts to influence voters and increase turnout in a critical swing state.

Training and Networking: Scheduled training and practice sessions to improve volunteer skills. From canvassing to keyboards, we’ve got you covered. Discussion groups to facilitate peer learning for activists and group leaders.