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What is Voter Protection?

Voter Protection encompasses a wide range of actions designed to ensure that voters are able to cast their ballots, and that those ballots are counted. Republicans have been pursuing a decades-long, multi-prong, strikingly anti-democratic effort to suppress the votes of likely-Democratic citizens. We must do what we can to safeguard our voting rights.

Actions may include:

  • Ballot chasing: helping voters get their absentee or mail-in ballots submitted
  • Ballot curing: helping voters fix mistakes with rejected absentee or mail-in ballots
  • Staffing voter protection hotlines
  • Recruiting poll watchers
  • Ensuring that eligible voters remain on the voter rolls

Legal professionals are particularly useful, since some issues require legal interpretation, but we welcome all volunteers willing to dedicate quality time to this critical difference-maker.

What would I be doing?

Depending on your preferences, qualifications, and skills, you might be performing any of the actions above. Most of these can be performed from home: making phone calls; sending emails or text messages; doing online research or data management.

Who would I be working with?

Swing Blue Alliance is partnering with VoPro Pros for much of our voter protection work. VoPro Pros is an all-volunteer organization that spans 30 states, supporting numerous voter protection projects through recruitment, extensive training, and volunteer support.  VoPro Pros organizes its efforts by using the Slack productivity platform.

How do I get started?

  1. Fill out the form on this web page to inform us of your interest (then you may return to this page to continue).
  2. Sign up for VoPro Pros (we will help you with this).
  3. Accept the invitation to Slack that you will receive from VoPro Pros. Then join their Slack SLNC/CA Channel and support group.

If you are considering volunteering for this important role, please be prepared to commit to dedicated training via Zoom and written materials for each project. This most-critical role requires commitment — it would become your highest-priority volunteer engagement.