Voter Protection

Voter Protection

Voter Protection

Republicans are trying to suppress the vote. We won’t let them. Join the voter protection team to ensure that every eligible citizen gets to cast their ballot fairly and safely.
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Voter protection is incredibly important and necessary in this election. We have multiple initiatives to help ensure that every eligible citizen casts their ballot fairly and safely, and that everyone’s vote is counted. As we approach the final weeks of the race, please keep in mind that these opportunities are in flux and subject to change. 


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Ballot Cure

Mail-in ballots may be rejected on various grounds, such as a missing or mismatching signature of a voter or a witness. In some states, voters whose ballots are rejected have the opportunity to “cure” the grounds on which their ballot was rejected and have their vote be counted. Volunteers make calls to voters in Florida and North Carolina to walk them through the process of curing their ballot. 

Voter Assistance Hotline

Staffers on voter assistance hotlines answer callers’ questions and help resolve issues related to registering, requesting ballots, voting, and more. Our volunteers are staffing a hotline in Florida.

LBJ Help Desk 

We’re assembling a group of volunteers to provide remote assistance to poll watchers, poll observers, and hotline workers in Florida who use the platform LBJ to report instances of voter suppression and intimidation. Volunteers will receive training in LBJ – expertise on the platform is not necessary!

Rapid Response Team

Our Rapid Response Team comprises a group of volunteers who have a certain amount of flexibility and are willing and able to respond to last-minute projects and requests. Volunteers receive 1 – 2 emails a week with requests for help in different voter protection volunteer roles, allowing us to pivot and provide help where it is most needed. If you’re interested in joining the Rapid Response Team, please fill out this form


Recruiting Poll Watchers and Observers 

We recruited hundreds of poll watchers and poll observers in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, and North Carolina. These volunteers will help ensure that more polls are open and that voting processes and conditions are equitable at polling locations. 

Electoral Outreach

Electoral outreach volunteers surveyed election supervisors about procedures and potential equity issues regarding both mail-in and in-person voting. Their research helps direct voter protection resources to the counties and municipalities in Wisconsin and Florida most at risk of voter suppression.