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Visit the host resources page to learn how Swing Blue Alliance develops mailing campaigns and how to place your first order on the e-store
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Join the Swing Blue Alliance Slack to connect with other postcard hosts and get answers about mailing campaigns.
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Check out the best of Swing Blue Alliance’s video library, including inspirational videos, educational trainings, and grassroots gatherings (Registration Required)
Join a monthly discussion group with featured speakers to exchange ideas with organizers and group leaders from around the country.
Create an Event on Mobilize
It’s easy to create a postcard writing, phone banking, or fundraising event for your group. Start by downloading the Mobilize Host Guide.

Postcard/Letter-Writing Campaigns

Learn how to participate in Swing Blue Alliance postcard and letter-writing campaigns as a distributor or host

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Research Repository

Gain access to our research showcasing what we have done and where we go in the future. Educate yourself in the campaigning methodologies and best practices fight that will help Democrats win. (Registration required.)

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Visit the Swing Blue Alliance online store to order addresses, postcards and instructions. The minimum order is 300 cards.

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Volunteers writing letters to voters

Get the Mobilize Guide

Mobilize is the most powerful tool for hosting an event in the history of digital organizing. Get the host guide written by Swing Blue Alliance. This well-regarded guide was used by both Mobilize and Indivisible as the base for their own host guides.

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Swing Blue Video Library

Explore videos on Campaign Kickoffs, Training, prior Roundup Meetings and more.

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Want to connect with other organizers and increase your impact? Here are some Slack workspaces that will help.

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Training and Networking

Explore discussion groups and training to facilitate peer learning for activists and group leaders.

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