North Carolina

North Carolina

North Carolina

Swing Blue Alliance is taking action this fall with All in for NC in North Carolina. Check the  North Carolina calendar for current opportunities.  If you’d like to join the North Carolina team, fill out the “Adopt a State” form or reach out to the state coordinator, Jeff Blum.

Why North Carolina?

North Carolina, a consistently purple state, needs help across the board with state-level and federal races, including a competitive Senate seat.

There are numerous reasons to focus on North Carolina. The 2020 wins for the Presidency and the U.S. Senate were very close. We also lost the incumbent chief justice of the NC State Supreme Court, the first black woman to hold that position. Despite this heartbreak, the fact is that NC  is  third in line – after Virginia and Georgia – of Southern states where Democrats are most likely to make substantial progress.

In 2022, Democrats are in a viable position to pick up the NC Senate seat, especially due to the scandalous retirement of the GOP incumbent.  Once the Democratic primary results in a winner, it will be full steam ahead through the rest of the year. 

In addition to the Senate race, we are focused on supporting the Democratic governor in his fight against redistricting, and working to elect more Democrats into the state legislature.  The more mobile we get, especially in rural and unconventionally targeted locations, the better our chances are. The more inclusive we are in that mobility, especially in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities, the more potential gains there are to find.

All in for NC Monthly Meeting

Third Monday of the month