Swing Blue’s Philly House

Come to Philly for a week, or even longer. Spend a couple hours in the morning and afternoon (or more if you want) registering voters and knocking doors with friends you brought, and friends you meet there. You will learn and use proven strategies for registering new Democratic voters, and connecting with voters who feel disengaged from the political process.

Why a week? It’s a lot more efficient than weekends for out-of-staters. You’ll get better and better at registering voters and canvassing. We’ll have to train folks less frequently, and there will be fewer sheets to wash!

We’ll provide training, both before you come and while you are there, and we’ll set you up with registration drives at “hot spots” and with neighborhoods to canvass. There will be a house manager there to help with everything.

Why is PA important?

The best places in Eastern Pennsylvania to “run up the margins” are Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties.  There are thousands of unregistered voters, lots of Democrats who don’t vote, and many Independents who need persuasion in Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties. 

In the last Presidential election, Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties generated 471,000 and 134,000 net votes for Biden.  No other county came close – except for Allegheny County (Pittsburgh).

About the Accommodations 

The Philly House is a spacious 5-bedroom apartment located on the second and third floor of a townhouse in Philadelphia’s Francisville, near the intersection of N. 19th St. and W. Girard Ave. Check out the AirBNB listing and the walk-thru video taken by a colleague. Both the manager and the AirBNB hosts are super-responsive and excited about the purpose of our visit.

Swing Blue Alliance 5-bedroom AirBNB in Philadelphia

Our Expectations:

We expect folks to make a week-long commitment, ideally arriving and leaving midweek. We’ve found that we become more skilled with practice, and this schedule will have you well-trained and comfortable for the peak canvassing hours of Sunday afternoon/evening.

We’ll have morning and afternoon-evening sessions every day, maybe two hours each, and we expect folks to participate in all the sessions. There will be time for people to be tourists in Philadelphia, and to become familiar with the cafes, restaurants, and other neighborhood attractions in Francisville and surrounding neighborhoods.

$30/night for one person in a room; $45/night for two people.


Food is at your own expense – cook at the house with (or without) others, go out, order in, as you please.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation with a full refund is available up to and through the 11th day before your scheduled stay. You may cancel (without any refund) within 10 days of your scheduled stay.

Register for a Week at the Philly House:  Someone will contact you!