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Saving Democracy Is Within Our Power
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Swing Blue Alliance Works Every Day to Uphold Democracy

Posted on September 10, 2022

Over the next eight weeks, we will be working together to preserve our democracy. Together, we are the largest volunteer organization in Massachusetts. Whatever your role, as host, postcard and letter writer, coordinator, editor, researcher – together we are a force for democracy. 

The midterms are in sight, and we need the full power of this force to step up, with even more time and a greater determination to reach out to include friends in our work. We all, as part of Swing Blue Alliance, have made a commitment to our partners – grassroots organizations, county and state Democratic groups, and county to county groups. In return, these grassroots groups want to work with us because they know we will step up and get the job done well.

For the upcoming midterms, our partners in New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania have asked us to ramp up our efforts. These groups depend on us because they know that WE DELIVER. Over the coming weeks, we need to double our mailing volume each day. Can we do it? Yes!

It will take each of us, knowing that while we may work separately, we are part of this strategic push to election day.

We are all heartened by the shift in potential outcomes for the midterms. Many factors have influenced these changes, but recent primaries, elections, and grassroots movements have alerted us to the power that each of us have to reshape the future.

The possibility of Democratic victories in the House and Senate are within our power. To make the possible a reality, we all need to seize the most powerful tool we have: THE VOTE.

Getting out the vote does not happen without our work. Let’s not be taken by surprise in November – we need to seize and deliver on every opportunity that Swing Blue has available. Right now, the highest-impact opportunities are our New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania postcard and letter-writing campaigns.

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Each postcard or letter we write is taken out of a mailbox by a voter; it has a ripple effect. The candidate on the postcard becomes a topic of conversation; conversations can spur others to vote in elections. The down-ballot candidate bolsters the up-ballot candidate running for the Senate. One by one, the vote increases. The low propensity voter shows up at the polls, perhaps with a friend. Change happens!

If you read this letter, you know that I lean heavily for direction from activists who have fought hard fights in our history, against great odds. I am leaning now, and I invite you – and your networks – to join me.

This week, let’s reach out to one other person to join us. My experience in hosting a group over the past three years is that people are eager to be involved, eager to feel they are doing their part in this country-wide effort. (You may be surprised that your request is greeted with “thank you.”)

We are a powerful group! Let’s step up together. Bring a new friend, visit the eStore, and place an order for our important campaigns. The time is now – we can do this!


Thank you,

Janet Nelson and the Swing Blue Alliance team – Alix, Bob, Julia, Richard, Sarah, Susan

Do not stand idly by – Elie Wiesel

Activism is the antidote to despair

– Joan Baez