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Testimonial from Jack Barry on Volunteers TBD Phone Banks

Posted on September 7, 2022

I want to report on the exceptional success of the use of VoteBuilder last Wednesday for the Matt Cartwright for Congress campaign. In this session I contacted very motivated volunteers and was able to enroll them in 4 shifts of canvassing or phonebanks, including one  female Spanish speaking volunteer for a regular Spanish phonebank in Hazleton.

Why was this session so successful? I think that there are a number of factors to considered:

  • Votebuilder afforded a comprehensive view of the volunteer’s engagement, including 2020 campaign contacts, all recent contacts, answers to survey questions and prior recent event participation.
  • The list we were provided included the most recently engaged volunteers. Even those who had not yet signed up for an event showed exceptional positivity in committing to time and place.
  • The campaign afforded a consistent but limited number of volunteer opportunities. This allowed me to review options with the volunteers quickly and to the point.

Compared to recent phone banks, the hit rate was astronomically higher and the overall results far more impressive.  There can be no doubt that the strong appeal of a candidate like Matt Cartwright was very much responsible for much of this success.  One way to improve the phone bank would be to allow us to sign up volunteers automatically within Votebuilders.

The phone bank is on Wednesdays from 4:30pm to 6:30pm.  Here is a link to RSVP.