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October 15, 2022 Newsletter

Posted on October 16, 2022
Massachusetts' best resource for keeping the House and the Senate and turning purple states Blue.
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Volunteers Taking Back Democracy

October 15, 2022

Issue #217

What you can do to stop the MAGA tide

●  NH How to help Maggie Hassan win/Canvassing       ●  ROUNDUP Voter protection

 ●  PA  Canvassing/Phonebanking/Texting plus Ballot Chase Mailing     
 NC Calling for Cheri Beasley & Co.

 ●  VOLUNTEERS TBD If you can't join 'em, ask 'em to join!

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Maggie Hassan

New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan is in a tight race, but she believes Swing Blue Alliance is important enough to spend time at this month’s Swing NH Blue meeting. Why? She knows that our volunteers have what it takes to keep the US Senate blue and to protect NH’s voting and personal rights.

Come hear from Maggie and four NH rising stars who’ll explain what we can do to hold the US House and Senate and flip the NH House and Senate. 

You'll also find out why down ballot races matter so much. For example, in NH, the Executive Council oversees state contracts, approves judge and commissioner appointments, and decides who will sit on public boards, agencies, and commissions. In other words, they have a big impact on the future of NH politics. 

Wed, Oct 19 @ 5 pm EDT

If you believe NH deserves the best legislature it can get, learn how you can help and then apply your new insights to canvassing and phonebanking.

Here are some options for getting active:

Canvassing in NH

Swing Blue Alliance volunteers just like you are driving up to New Hampshire to meet prospective voters and encourage them to go to the polls. Most people you talk to are Democrats who know about the election and need a slight nudge to fill out their ballots.

Here's what Lisa Greenberg has to say about the value of canvassing for NH Dems:

The best thing about canvassing is feeling you are actually taking direct personal action to protect democracy. I remind myself of the sacrifices my grandparents made to come here and of my father’s service in World War II while his family worried at home. I’m thrilled to do my part. Plus, I meet interesting people -- often from communities unlike my own -- and I get to take beautiful fall walks in New Hampshire! What could be better?

Sat, Oct 22 @ 10 am - 1 pm EDT

Sun, Oct 23 @ 12 - 3 pm EDT

Don’t let a few butterflies about canvassing hold you back! 
You’ll be prepared to hit the road after attending
Canvassing 101 Training on Mon, Oct 17 @ 
5:30 pm EDT. 
When you get to NH, you can choose to accompany experienced canvassers or even be a navigator and driver for the people who knock on doors. 





With just three weeks left before the mid-term elections, the Swing Blue Alliance All Volunteer Roundup is your chance to find out how to protect the vote by working online, on the phone, or in person. 


RSVP to the VoPro Roundup

Sun, Oct 16 @ 5 pm EDT


Learn how to help Dems vote by answering their questions, addressing their issues, and reporting their problems at Voter Assistance Hotline Training on Wed, Oct 19 @ 7 - 9 pm EDT.

All About Pennsylvania

Our own Susan Labandibar is in high gear working as a Field Organizer in Reading, a major city in Berks County, Pennsylvania. While most of Berks County is red, 78% of Reading voters are registered Democratic. 

The goal is to drive up Democratic turnout in Reading from 9% (compared 29% county wide). In addition to this primarily Latino city, nearby West Reading and the college town of Kutztown provide great opportunities to increase voter participation.

Maximizing Democratic turnout in these areas is critical for the success of the Fetterman and Shapiro campaigns, as well as the re-election of two incumbent Congresswomen, Chrissy Houlahan (PA-06), Madeleine Dean (PA-04).

Voices from the field

This week, volunteers Neal Lesh and Spanish-speaking Rachel Massey traveled to Reading, PA, to join Susan Labandibar. They describe their experience:

“We canvassed in largely Spanish-speaking neighborhoods. Most of these residents have received little or no information about the candidates.” 

Neal continues, “In particular, we talked with voters about Johanny Cepada-Fretiz, a local restaurant owner who is running for State Representative. Sharing information about Johanny opened the door to talking about Joshua Shapiro and John Fetterman.”

“If you have a chance to go to Reading any time in the next few weeks, it’ll be worth it,” Rachel adds. “Reading is an excellent place to canvass. You’ll get to connect with people who’ve been overlooked in political campaigns. Susan will get you oriented quickly, and your time will be well spent!” 

Housing is available
Questions? Text Susan Labandibar at 617-571-3757.

If you can't drive or fly to PA, the next best thing is to call Democratic-leaning voters about electing Democrats up and down the ballot! Chat with voters about what's important to them and give them a chance to help by volunteering.

All PA Volunteers TBD shifts are pivoting to get-out-the-vote calls in the next few weeks.

Multiple dates and times


Volunteers TBD for PA will be focusing on voters who requested but did not return mail-in ballots. Fri, Oct 21 @ 2 - 4 pm EDT

Whether you’re a first-time volunteer or an experienced texter, it's relaxing and effective to type messages to likely Democratic voters. Meeting leaders will set you up with everything you need to get out the vote for Susan Wild. 

The more the merrier! Please bring friends and family to your shift. Defending democracy is a team effort!

Sun, Oct 16 @ 12 - 3 pm EDT

Sat, Oct 22 @ 9 am - 12 pm EDT


This past summer, Swing Blue volunteers sent mail-in ballot applications to more than 140,000 low-propensity Dem voters in PA. Now, we're mailing reminders to households that have not returned their ballots. We've got two weeks to get these reminder letters in the mail. Be the cog that maximizes the impact of all our efforts.

This is your last chance to help Swing Blue Alliance volunteers encourage PA voters to return the ballots they received after submitting the ballot applications sent by SBA-ers like you.

Order 12 packs of 25 letters and ask your friends and family to start writing ... or order more packs and publicize your distribution point to eager volunteers who are avidly looking for a place to pick up letters they themselves can write.

You want to protect the slim Dem majority in Congress -- as well as the voting and women's rights in Pennsylvania. Here's all it takes: pick up a pack of 25 letters, handwrite a short message, and stick a stamp on the envelope!

The letters remind voters to return their ballots and will highlight what they need to do to ensure their ballots are counted (signing the voter declaration on the back of the reply envelope, for example).

Don't put it off for another minute!
Choose any of the pickup spots listed at the end of this email and start writing.

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Cheri Beasley is in a dead heat in her race for US Senator from North Carolina. She would be the first Dem from NC elected to the US Senate since 1989 (and the first Black woman ever). Learn why she deserves your support.

In her last election, Beasley lost by only 401 votes. If she can lose by that small a margin, she can win by one as well. Every voter you reach can make the difference!

Pick one or more of these phonebanks and increase voter turnout for Cheri Beasley.

Tue, Oct 18 @ 5:30 -7 pm EDT

Thu, Oct 20 @ 5:30 - 7 pm EDT

Sun, Oct 16 @ 6 - 8 pm EDT

Thu, Oct 20 @ 6 - 8 pm 

Various dates and times

ARLINGTON, MA, Sun, Oct 16 @ 1 - 5 pm EDT

BEDFORD, MA, Tue, Oct 18 @ 3 -7 pm EDT

BELMONT, MA, Sun, Oct 16 @ 1 - 5 pm EDT

BROOKLINE, MA, Sun, Oct 16 @ 10 am - 7 pm EDT

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Sun, Oct 16 @ 10 am - 7 pm EDT

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Sat, Oct 15 @ 9 am - 2 pm EDT

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Wed, Oct 19 @ 4 - 6 pm EDT

JAMAICA PLAIN, MA, Mon, Oct 17 @ 5:30 - 7:30 pm EDT

MEDFORD, MA, Sat, Oct 15 @ 1 - 5 pm EDT

MELROSE, MA, Sat, Oct 15 and Sun, Oct 16 @ 7 am - 9 pm EDT

NEWTON, MA, Sat, Oct 15 @ 2 - 5 pm EDT

SOMERVILLE, MA, Sat, Oct 15 @ 1 - 4 pm EDT



Our Mission

Swing Blue Alliance (formerly Swing Left Greater Boston) is the largest all-volunteer Democratic grassroots organization headquartered in Massachusetts. We use proven methods to protect our Democracy, work on competitive local and national elections, and strengthen the Democratic party at the grassroots level.

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