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October 15, 2022 Newsletter
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4 Weeks to Midterms

Posted on October 11, 2022

I hope that your groups are, as mine is, sprinting full speed to Election Day. Even though volunteers here are just finishing up their letters to Pennsylvania, they responded quickly to my request for new orders. Early yesterday morning, I put in an order for 1,000 more letters.

We are not alone and our work is making an impact. Together, we’ve reached 140,000 households in Pennsylvania, connecting with registered Democrats who are not reliable voters.

Pennsylvania ballot chase letters target those who have applied for mail-in ballots. The letters encourage the voters to mail their ballots early or use a dropbox and they highlight steps that must be taken for ballots to be counted (e.g., signing the voter declaration on the back of the reply envelope).

These last and very important campaigns are now on the eStore. Please order!

Order materials >

Like you, I have been deluged with campaign emails. Those that catch my eye are polls that put the Democrats in tight races across the country. Pennsylvania has tight races up and down the ballot. Democratic wins for Governor, Attorney General, and the U.S. Senate will ensure the integrity of the vote on Election Day.

We have thousands of voters left in the PA letter-writing campaign. Can you and your group help? Place an order today and let’s be sure that each and every Democrat votes! We know how tight these races are, and we know that every postcard, and every letter, has the potential to encourage one more important voter to the polls on November 8.

Our work at home supports our activist colleagues in the field. Our volunteers are phone banking and canvassing in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. As a voter opens their door or answers their phone, our letters have prepared them with the ability to vote by mail easily; our canvassers and callers provide the personal encouragement.

Thank you; your work fuels this effort. Please visit the eStore; encourage your groups to keep working. Let’s keep leaning in together.


Thank you,


Janet Nelson and the Swing Blue Alliance team – Alix, Bob, Julia, Richard, Sarah, Susan

Do not stand idly by – Elie Wiesel

Activism is the antidote to despair – Joan Baez