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March SBA Roundup Recap: Celebrating Grassroots Activism in MA

Posted on April 1, 2022

“Spring is a time for renewal, growth, and new opportunities. In this spirit of hope, we kick off this Celebration of Grassroots Activism in Massachusetts. After the isolation of COVID and frigid winter temperatures, let’s prioritize social and personal connections in everything we do. Let’s stand together, working to build a world that is aligned with our values, building relationships that will carry us through good times and bad.” 

With these words, Susan Labandibar, co-founder of Swing Blue Alliance, opened the March All Volunteer Roundup. And every moment of the meeting focused on relationships among volunteers and grassroots organizations across Massachusetts.

Speakers included Beth Lev of Indivisible Northampton, Debbie Hart-Klein of Indivisible-RISE Newburyport, Olivia Luckett of Indivisible Boston CD-7, and Shaw Yang of Indivisible Acton Area. These enthusiastic leaders shared the experiences that led them to transition from bystander to dynamic guide for other volunteers. In addition, group leaders from all across the state presented their plans for 2022.

The biggest takeaway of the evening was the indomitable spirit of these leaders. These intrepid activists believe in, invite, and support new and experienced volunteers, people just like you. Large and small, these groups share the goal of accelerating the growth of collaborative activism. Only together can we deliver the voter protection and turnout required for Democrats to win in midterm elections.

If you couldn’t join us, or you’d like to share the presentation with a friend, please visit Swing Blue Alliance YouTube site for the recording of the event. A copy of the slide deck is available on request.

A huge thank you to our presenters Matt Caffrey, Beth Lev, Shaw Yang, Lisa Baci, Debbie Hart-Klein, Larry Pareles, Paula Joseph, Richard Segan, Christine Brown, and our behind-the-scenes folks who made it all happen, Amy Seabrook, Jeff Lobo and Steve Vogel. And an equally large thanks goes to over 20 grassroots leaders who shared information about their local groups.

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