Our Swing Blue Alliance team is taking action this fall in Georgia. Check the Swing Blue Alliance calendar for current opportunities.  If you’d like to join the Georgia, fill out our “Adopt a State” form or reach out to the state coordinator, Rebecca Riccio.

Why Georgia?

Georgia represents critical seats in Congress. For example, Senator Warnock won narrowly in 2020, and his seat is still vulnerable. However, our work in Georgia must go beyond winning critical seats.

We are passionate about Georgia because of the pervasiveness of voter suppression  that the GOP has continued to make worse. Our work in Georgia is more than reacting to the GOP; it is about amplifying the voices of grassroots leaders. We counter voter suppression in principle; we have a moral obligation to do so. We are not simply being strategic politically to save our democracy, we are fighting oppression as a statement of who we are and as a statement of solidarity with people in purple states. We are mobilizing a response to voter suppression by uplifting voices of local organizers, particularly Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) organizers. We will not stand by while our fellow humans are being oppressed. 

Our key priorities in Georgia are working with local leaders and reflecting on areas of growth within our own activism. To achieve this, we partner with, and follow the lead of, local BIPOC leaders in an effort to boost their messages while refining our own. We aim to reflect on what it means to do the work that we are asked to do, not just the work that we may feel comfortable doing. We strive to center the needs and asks of local leaders and leverage white electoral activism as an expression of solidarity. We are working on learning how best to support actual needs on the ground and expand our comfort zones to ensure we are responsive where we should be.

We are building a network of volunteers equipped to respond to the emerging and evolving needs of local organizers. By thoughtfully collaborating with organizations, including the GA Democratic Party and Stacey Abrams’ coalition, we can influence results in targeted, impactful ways.

Workshop requirements 

To be successful, members of the Georgia volunteer network commit to participating in  these two required workshops.

More than the Senate: An intro to Georgia politics 

The Senate is not Georgia’s only priority. This workshop will get volunteers up to speed on the full landscape of Georgia politics. This primer will educate and empower volunteers to respond to various down ballot needs as they come. Right now, voter registration clean up is top of the list but we will always provide training when new needs arise. 

Dealing with Georgia’s past: Reflecting on the role of race in politics

This workshop is an opportunity for people to reflect on their own racial identity and how it affects interstate volunteering and grassroots organizing.