Working America Letter Writing Campaign

We’re partnering with the AFL-CIO community affiliate, Working America, on one of the most effective mail campaigns of 2024. 

This campaign is part of a sequence of 4-5 communication touchpoints with Working America’s largely conservative and moderate  700,000  members in Pennsylvania.  Working America has chosen health care as the topic for this personalized letter-writing campaign as it is a number one concern for these likely voters.

Why persuasion?

Every voter we convince to support candidates easing access to healthcare doubles our volunteer’s impact versus traditional get-out-the-vote letters.  It’s like sending two letters for the price of one! 

Effectiveness: persuasion is one of the toughest challenges and these Working America letters have consistently shown they have impact in scores of carefully crafted studies.  We are mailing to Working America members who would largely not be reached otherwise, since 90% of them are not on any progressive mailing list.

How can I participate?

If you are willing to do 300 or more letters, or recruit volunteers to collectively do 300+ letters, you can become a host with Swing Blue Alliance.  You can be located anywhere in the US.  These letters do not contain references to candidates or political parties.

Click here to get trained in being a host

If you want to do fewer than 300 letters and live in the Boston area, you can connect with a local letter distributor.  The link below will take you to a page with locations, dates and times where you can pick up your letters from a host. You will also get specific instructions including how to pay for letters and stamps. 

Click here to find Working America letter pickup locations

If you don’t live in the Boston area, or would like to print letters yourself:

Click here to contact Working America.