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September 23, 2023 Newsletter
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September 9, 2023 Newsletter

Posted on September 9, 2023
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September 9, 2023

Issue #247

In This Issue

● Frontline Updates: Virginia is for Lovers of Democracy

● Have an Impact: Support Clint Jenkins

● Sept 19 Special Election in NH. ● The NC Political Landscape

● Call for Swing Blue Interns

Frontline Update: Virginia

Virginia is for Lovers of Democracy

All 140 seats in the Virginia state legislature are up for election this November, and the outcome will shape the trajectory of the 2024 election.  That's why Swing Blue is helping the campaign of VA State Senator Clinton Jenkins.

Meet Clint Jenkins at the September Frontline Update. Jenkins, and Lynlee Thorne of Rural Groundgame will explain why democracy is at stake in VA, how they're fighting back, and how out-of-state allies like Swing Blue Alliance can help.  

Sun, Sep 17 @ 5 - 5:30 pm EDT


Have an Impact: Support Clint Jenkins

Let's Turn VA Blue

Clint Jenkins' district is one of the most competitive in the state and could be the tipping point district in the battle for control of the State Senate as a whole. 

The Democrats' paper-thin majority in the VA State Senate is the last bulwark against the right-wing agenda in the South.  If Republicans gain control of all three branches of government, the legislature will pass a statewide abortion ban, support book bans, increase barriers to voting, and weaken pollution controls. 

Because Clint Jenkins' district is somewhat off the beaten path and lacks the resources of other swing districts, our phone banks and other assistance can make a real difference for his campaign.

SBA phone banks are on Mondays starting October 2 @ 5 - 7 pm EDT.

Feel free to join other groups' phone banks before then.

Let's Do It in NH, Too!

We Can End NH's Republican Trifecta

This Month!

We drove up the percent of Democratic voters in the Ohio special election. Let’s do the same for the Sept 19 election in New Hampshire.

You can help shift the NH House from Republican control to a Dem-GOP tie by supporting Democrat Hal Rafter in his run for state representative. A victory will prevent the Republicans from passing laws that would restrict abortions, weaken voting and LGBTQ + rights, take funds from public education, jeopardize the environment, and cancel Medicaid expansion.

Ours is the only phone bank going for this special election, so here's your chance to have a big impact!

Tuesdays plus Monday Sep 18 @ 5 - 7 pm EDT

Recruit Volunteers in Mecklenberg County NC

The NC Political Landscape: How 2023 Builds to 2024 and 2026

Join All In for North Carolina to learn how the rapidly-changing political landscape in NC means that the results of local elections in 2024 will influence national politics.

Tom Hallock, co-chair of Force Multipler, will host a discussion with Roohi Rustum, a Regional Director for States at the DNC and Sen. Jay Chaudhuri, NC Senate Democratic Whip. 

Mon, Sept 18 @ 4 - 5 pm EDT


Mecklenburg County, where Charlotte is located, is home to more than 320,000 Democrats, but turnout in recent elections has been disappointing. We are partnering with the Mecklenburg Democrats to recruit volunteers to boost turnout and organize now to win statewide races in 2024.

Sundays @ 6 - 8 pm EDT


NC Postcards Test Turnout Technique

Our newest postcard campaign focuses on the local District 6 Charlotte NC City Council election, aiming to show that Dems can increase turnout in an odd-year race and flip a Republican seat in the process.

This campaign provides the opportunity to measure and analyze the effectiveness of a postcard campaign in a local race. We'll be comparing the difference in turnout between individuals who receive our cards and those who don't. This data will be valuable for this campaign and for others that follow.

Internships at Swing Blue Alliance

Pro9mote Actvism on College Campuses

Youth are the future of the Democratic party, and Swing Blue Alliance is proud to offer internships that expose high school and college students to the life of an organizer. We also rely on interns to help us with content creation and outreach that appeals to all ages. 

We have a variety of roles for Swing Blue interns, and strive to match the interests of interns with open projects. The Internship Program is a 10-week (minimum) internship which requires a commitment of at least 10 hours a week. 

Know any young people who might want to intern, or educators who might have students interested in activism? Send them this link:


(Thanks to IntoAction for the Power to Youth gif.)

Our Mission

Swing Blue Alliance (formerly Swing Left Greater Boston) is the largest all-volunteer Democratic grassroots organization headquartered in Massachusetts. We use proven methods to protect our Democracy, work on competitive local and national elections, and strengthen the Democratic party at the grassroots level.

Your contribution will help fund the operations of this volunteer-produced newsletter, which goes out to over 15K subscribers.

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