November 26, 2022 Newsletter
Foiling Voter Suppression in Georgia
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December 3, 2022 Newsletter

Posted on December 4, 2022
Massachusetts' best resource for keeping the House and the Senate and turning purple states Blue.
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Volunteers Taking Back Democracy

December 3, 2022

Issue #224

In this issue

●  Don't stop now! Four days to turn out Georgia voters 
● Do you have ballot curing experience?
●  Be part of the conversation: Post-Georgia SBA Roundup 

Four Days To Go

Your hard work is making solid inroads. Georgia Dems are intent on keeping Rev. Warnock in the Senate, and you are making it easier for them to get their votes counted.

Get Out the Vote in Georgia with Swing Blue Alliance!

Swing Blue Alliance is hosting phonebanks this Monday and Tuesday (Election Day) that offer two ways to help make votes count:

  • Use a manual dialer with the Georgia Democratic Party Voter Protection Team and call Democratic voters who haven't returned their absentee ballots or whose ballots have been rejected.
  • Use a predictive dialer and maximize the number of Democratic voters you encourage to vote on Election Day.

Either way, there's full training and support during the phonebank.

Mon, Dec 5 @ 4 - 6 pm EST

Tue, Dec 6 @ 2 - 4 pm EST

Hellbent on Voting

Sandra lives in Cobb County, Georgia, but currently she’s staying in Chicago. On Nov 21, she received a notice: Her absentee ballot for the special election was on its way. The ballot still had not arrived by her birthday on Nov 30. 


Wanting to make sure her vote counted, Sandra drove 700 miles from Chicago to Smyrna to vote in person.


That’s the kind of determination we're hearing from voters. 

Other Opportunities to Get Out the Vote for Rev. Warnock

It's heartening to make contact with Dems in red counties who are doing their utmost to get Warnock elected. Every conversation provides them with the support they need to get themselves and their friends to the polls.

Every day at multiple times

Tue, Dec 6 @ 4 - 6 pm EST

The Georgia Democratic Party Voter Protection team is determined to make every Democratic absentee ballot count. Be part of this team! Join one of the many ballot cure phonebanks from today through December 9.

Of course, there's full training and support during the phonebank. Sign up and a member of our team will help get you started!

Every day at multiple times through December 9


Post-Georgia Swing Blue Alliance Roundup

Join the Post-Georgia Swing Blue Alliance Roundup and help us learn from our experiences as a community of volunteers. We'll review our evidence-based campaigns, explore global lessons learned, and identify what's next.

Participate in any of the breakout rooms, which will focus on:

  • Postcards and letters
  • Communications
  • Phonebanks
  • Canvassing
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Fundraising

Sun, Dec 11 @ 5 pm EST

Our Mission

Swing Blue Alliance (formerly Swing Left Greater Boston) is the largest all-volunteer Democratic grassroots organization headquartered in Massachusetts. We use proven methods to protect our Democracy, work on competitive local and national elections, and strengthen the Democratic party at the grassroots level.

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