Registering Democratic-leaning voters may be the most important thing we can do to win the 2024 election. And if we strategically register new Democrats in certain parts of battleground states, we can also win more key down-ballot races.

People we register are very likely to vote!

Studies indicate that in a presidential election year, 85-93% of newly registered people actually vote. Wow!

Pie chart showing that 85-90% of newly-registered voters actually vote

We can register Democratic-leaning people

Unregistered people often are members of demographics which tend to vote Democratic–young people, people of color, unmarried women. If we can register these folks and give them basic information, they are likely to vote with us. We can also target regions where people are likely to favor Democrats, and we can use techniques that make us more likely to register people who will vote blue.

There is a large, untapped pool of “invisible” Democrats

Research has shown that almost one-quarter of the U.S. population is either missing or erroneously identified in voter roles and marketing lists. Further, these effectively “unreachable” people lean heavily Democratic. So while remote registration outreach techniques such as mail and phone remain important, in-person voter registration drives are the only practical strategy for reaching this large swath of otherwise-invisible likely-Democratic voters.

Anyone can register voters

People who are willing to register are out there waiting for us!

The majority of unregistered people say they have never been asked to register.  In addition, millions of people try to register after the deadline. If we get to them before the deadline, we’re doing them (and the country) a favor.

Registering voters is more effective than “Getting out the Vote.”

Percentage turnout in 2020 was the highest since we adopted the secret ballot. High turnout diminishes the effect of Get-Out-The-Vote – since people are likely to vote anyway– but enhances the effect of voter registration – there are more people to vote, and they do. And we can do this work right now!

How can we do this?

Phone calls, texts, and postcards / letters can serve as helpful reminders to people who need to register, or update their registrations.

But – lists of unregistered are both inaccurate and incomplete. Young people and people of color are significantly underrepresented on these lists.

  • We pick politically important regions
  • We partner with local Democratic committees and campaigns
  • We use the latest data and tools to identify high concentrations of unregistered voters
  • We hope to follow up with people we register

How to get started