Volunteer Results


Results matter

Our volunteers spend hours, days, months of their time working to help Democrats vote in elections. We’re using data to make sure their energy and enthusiasm is driving an impact.

Swing Blue Alliance research team

Our research team determines which activities have had the most impact on Democratic elections. They work to understand results, test out new ideas from the SBA team, and evaluate past SBA campaigns for learnings and best practices. We leverage their work to create guides and checklists, so all our volunteers can benefit. Check out our research studies below. 

Broward Postcard Campaign →

Postcard study: One stamp vs. two stamps → 

Sarasota pilot study: Vote-by-mail postcards → 

Field Leaders Research Network

This network of field leaders from grassroots groups across the country meets monthly to discuss research on field tactics to influence election outcomes.  Projects include a research repository and a monthly meeting with guest speakers.  The group meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 4pm ET.  Apply to join the Field Leaders Research Network.

2021 Results

Swing Blue Alliance volunteers supported races in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New Hampshire. 

2020 Results

In 2020, our volunteers participated in more than 4.7M activities to support democracy. See the full results of each race in the links below.