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Results Matter

The Swing Blue research team uses data to make sure your energy and enthusiasm is driving an impact. They work to understand results, test out new ideas, and evaluate past campaigns for learnings and best practices.  Swing Blue has made the following research studies available to the public. 

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Field Leaders Research Network

The Field Leaders Research Network (FLRN) was established in 2021 to help grassroots group leaders explore how the latest research can inform their political volunteering.  FLRN members bring diverse skills and experience to the group. Some are experienced researchers, others are group leaders who want to learn and apply new information.  

FLRN members seek  answers to these and related questions:

  • What research can we find and what research might we create?
  • What are the implications of this research?
  • What could we do to have more influence on election outcomes?
  • How can we make sure we are deploying tried-and-true tactics correctly?
  • How do we evaluate results published by organizations that depend on donations to continue their work?

On the third Tuesday of each month at 5pm, FLRN hosts an all-member meeting featuring a presentation from an invited guest speaker.  Between meetings, the conversation continues low-key discussions of how research informs our political volunteering are held over a private Slack channel and during FLRN discussion group meetings. The FLRN cordially invites political volunteers and researchers to fill out the FLRN Membership Application below.  For questions, contact Susan Labandibar.

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2022 Results

Swing Blue Alliance volunteers supported races in New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Georgia.


2021 Results

Swing Blue Alliance volunteers supported races in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New Hampshire. 

2020 Results

In 2020, our volunteers participated in more than 4.7M activities to support democracy. See the full results of each race in the links below.