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Time to Reflect on the Past Election and the Road Ahead

Posted on December 12, 2020

Dear Friends,

Swing Left Greater Boston promises to provide Blue state activists with effective opportunities to preserve our democracy, strengthen the Democratic Party at the grassroots level and turn our country Blue one race at a time.  During the Swing Left Greater Boston “Pause” from mid January through the end of February, we can study what has been learned from this election and the implications for our strategy moving forward.

I have signed up for this 6-week certificate class offered by the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago. The early bird price is $250, which seems reasonable for nine hours of classes taught by University of Chicago faculty members.


Week 1: What Did the Voters Tell Us on Election Day?

Week 2: What is the State of American Democracy in 2020-21?

Week 3: The Domestic Issues Landscape in 2021

Week 4: America’s Place in the World in 2021

Week 5: The Social Movements Reshaping America and Its Politics

Week 6: Threats and Opportunities

What You Will Learn

  • The factors that drove the election outcome
  • The state of American democratic norms and institutions
  • The issues awaiting the new Congress and the prospects for progress
  • The social movements impacting American politics and policy
  • Challenges and opportunities facing Congress and the President

For more information, and to register in time to get the early bird price, please visit the University of Chicago website.