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Canvass in Georgia – with costs covered

Posted on December 12, 2020

Georgia voters are choosing two US Senators in a special runoff election. Voting begins on Dec. 14 and ends on Jan. 5.  Yes, this election is in Georgia  but jobs, education, and healthcare in every state are on the line. Here’s how you can help Georgia organizers win a better future for us all.

Republicans in the US Senate have refused to give state and city governments the funding they need to get through this pandemic. If the Republican candidates win in Georgia, they’ll continue to control the US Senate, and they’ll keep blocking federal aid to states (including their own!) that so badly need it. That threatens all of us with billions of dollars in funding cuts for education, hospitals and clinics, and unemployment compensation. But we don’t have to accept that!

Grassroots groups in Georgia are working to elect Democrats Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff as the next two Senators from Georgia – and they’ve asked for our help. Can you come to Georgia, to talk with voters and help win this election?  Support for costs of travel, lodging, and car rental are available for all who need it. If you can contribute your time and energy, we’ll help you get to Georgia and start knocking on doors. Sign up now for an online info session to learn more.

Biden won in Georgia by just 13,000 votes. That’s the kind of margin that reminds us: organizing matters. There’s no substitute for face-to-face conversations where you connect with a potential voter, hear what they care about, make sure they have everything they need to get to the polls safely, and follow up until they successfully cast their ballot. If enough of us have those conversations, one by one by one, we’ll win.

To take the next step, read this Georgia Volunteer Guide and sign up for an online info session. To volunteer, you must commit a week or more, any time from now through Jan. 5. Covid safety is fundamental in all this work, with protocols developed by an epidemiologist and healthcare professionals. You’ll be trained and given masks and hand sanitizer; canvassers step back 6 feet after knocking on each door; all hotel rooms are solo; etc. These rules successfully kept several hundred canvassers safe while doing door-to-door canvassing in Arizona this fall.

Our partners on the ground in Georgia include:

By expanding their canvassing networks, we’re also helping to strengthen their long-term power-building work. The Volunteer Guide and the info session will tell you more about each of these groups; you can choose which one you’ll volunteer  with.