Host a Postcard Distribution Event to Help Pass For the People
May 1st Newsletter
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April 24th Newsletter

Posted on April 24, 2021


Host a Postcard Distribution Event
Mobilize for Hosts
Ban Trump from Facebook
Special Election in PA
Forward Florida

Call for Hosts

Host A Postcard Distribution Event

From targeting to messaging, Blue Wave Postcard Movement worked very closely with local West Virginia groups to develop this campaign. We’re asking progressives who live in West Virginia to urge Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) to ensure that the For the People Act passes in the Senate.

The best way to remind constituents to call is to send them postcards with a phone number that will connect them directly to Manchin’s office where they can leave a message urging the Senator, not just to support H.R. 1/S.1, but to make sure it doesn’t die in the Senate.

Postcards will be easy for volunteers to process: they only require a short, handwritten message and placement of an address label and stamp on the card.
Call to action

If you and a friend can round up 20-40 volunteers, you can host a postcard distribution event. Let's do it for Democracy!

Host a Postcard Event


Mobilize Makes It Easy

Mobilize Host Guide
If you’re hosting a grassroots event, leverage the power of the Mobilize website. Mobilize makes it easy to promote your event, manage signups, send out reminders, communicate private information, and collect feedback from your attendees.

Call to actionLearn to Use Mobilize to Host an Event

Tweet Storm

Ban Trump from Facebook

Tell Facebook Oversight Board to Ban Trump Permanently
Tweet Storm April 26 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Donald Trump is no longer on Facebook, which has been a welcome respite for everyone who wants posts that incite hate and violence and spread dangerous disinformation off their social media feeds.

According to a report from Zignal Labs, misinformation dropped over 70% once the former President was banned. But the tech giant gave the decision about whether to keep Trump off of Facebook permanently to its brand-new Facebook Oversight Board. Last week, the Facebook Oversight Board announced that it would delay its decision on whether to give back a megaphone to Donald Trump so that he can once again spout lies, hate, and disinformation on Facebook.

We have another chance to be sure they get our message loud and clear. Call to action

Join the Tweet storm, Monday, April 26 2-3pm and send the Facebook Oversight Board members the clear message: hate and lies have no place on Facebook.

Get Ready to Tweet!

Special Election


Pennsylvania hangs in the balance. There are fourteen voter suppression bills on the docket. Plus, there’s a “once-a-decade” brawl to redraw political districts — and the stakes couldn’t be much higher. …The representation of millions of people is on the line.” So says the Philadelphia Inquirer. On May 18, two seats in the State Senate and two in the State House of Representatives are up for grabs. It’s critical that Dems take these seats to block voter suppression and redistrict the state fairly.

What happens in the PA Senate and House affects the future of national elections.
If you’re ready to step up against the Republican agenda, join Swing Left Greater Boston and support State Representative Marty Flynn for the 22nd senatorial district. Your efforts will protect voting rights AND engage voters, helping then make voting a habit.

Phone Bank with Paula and Lisa

Call to action

Mondays through Thursdays @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Saturdays and Sundays @ 12:00 pm -2:00 pm through May 18 Tuesdays and Thursdays are Swing Left Greater Boston nights with Lisa Zankman on Tuesdays and Paula Joseph on Thursdays. Join us!

Activist Afternoons - Climate Edition

Mobilize Environmentalists to Vote
With only a week left before the May 1 elections in Texas, the Environmental Voter Project is working to rally 31,000 low-propensity voters in San Antonio and Congressional District 6. The campaign targets these potential voters since they’re more likely to go to the polls because they care about climate change and the environment. Help get these environmentalists over their hesitancy to vote by calling them on Sunday, April 25 at Activist Afternoons Climate Edition. This online opportunity is perfect for both brand new and experienced phone bankers. The best way to make a new environmental voter in 2022 is to get them to start voting in 2021.

See All Six Activities at Activist Afternoons this Sunday

Call to action

Activist Afternoons is coming back in person this summer!

Did you Know?

Forward Florida

On the ground partnerships were key to Swing Left Greater Boston's organizing strategy in Florida, where we partnered with local Democratic county organizations. Cumulative volunteer time in 2020 exceeded 58,000 hours! Our teams were active in Broward, Duval, Manatee, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Sarasota counties and we supported several other counties vote-by-mail and GOTV campaigns.  We are now meeting with the various county organizations in Florida to better understand and critically analyze the results from last year’s races.

While the focus and targeting of future races is yet to be determined, we’re looking to learn more about opportunities in 2021-22. With recent new infusions of money into FL and the beginning of on-the-ground organizing later this year, our partners are hoping to lay the groundwork this year for mounting competitive races in 2022.    
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