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April 10, 2021

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Join these industry giants!
An Activist Hub
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Filibuster 101
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Industry Giants Stand Up for Voting Rights

All Star Game Leaves Atlanta
There's a significant financial cost for states that pass voter suppression laws. Because of recently passed voter restriction laws in Georgia:
  • MLB has pulled the All-Star baseball game from Atlanta.
  • CEO Ed Bastian of Delta Airlines, whose major hub is in Atlanta, spoke out about the recently passed bill, saying, "The entire rationale for this bill was based on a lie."
  • Atlanta-based companies Coca-Cola, UPS, Home Depot, Porsche, as well as other companies from outside the state -- Bank of America, Merck, Cisco, BlackRock, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, American Express, Facebook, ViacomCBS, and Citigroup -- have condemned the law.
Call to action

Support the For the People Act
Give voters an easy way to tell their senators to pass the For the People Act.

April 11 in Cambridge

April 10-11 in Florence

Make calls with any of these phone banks!


Volunteering a la Carte

Mass Dems Organizing Hub
Want to work for democracy but don’t know where to start? Then come to the weekly Mass Dems Organizing Hub. This online space enables activists to:
  • Support any one of a selection of Democratic candidates and causes
  • Join a 30-minute pop-up training
  • Connect with others in online breakout rooms
  • Reserve time and rooms for their own projects, which others can join
This week: thank-you calls to Biden/Harris volunteers in Massachusetts;  calls to voters in New Hampshire ahead of the upcoming special election; calls with the Environmental Voter Project.

Call to actionCome once and make it a habit!
Mass Dems Organizing Hub events take place every Saturday @ 3 pm - 5 pm.


Learn Slack

Are you new to Slack? Or do you need another training as a refresher?
We definitely want to remove any obstacles to our success and yours, so we are offering some opportunities to learn Slack in a small group setting.

Learn more and RSVP


For the People Weekly Briefing

DemCast on For the Poeple
Get the latest information about the progress of the H.R. 1/S.R. 1 bill and about actions people are taking to help pass the For the People Act. This weekly webinar is run by DemCast USA, whose mission is “to cultivate, amplify, and maximize the impact of grassroots digital media, bolstering blue electoral and policy victories at all levels of government, across America.” Call to action

DemCast USA Weekly Briefing
The next meeting is Tuesday, Apr 13 @ 8 pm ET/5:00 pm PT


Filibuster 101

Jimmy Stewart Filibuster
If you’re like me, when you hear the word filibuster, you picture Jimmy Stewart talking for hours in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. But, as I’ve learned, the nonstop monologues are the least of the problem. Call to action

Read Indivisible’s analysis of the filibuster

Get rowdy on Twitter! Draw attention to the fight and help end the filibuster with the
#FilibusterFriday Twitter Toolkit.


Democracy Forum

Indivisible Action-Area Forum
Indivisible Acton-Area is hosting an evening of discussion of two bills. Christine Brown, one of the organization's leaders, will talk about the need to pass For the People and prevent Republicans from gerrymandering districts across the country for the next decade. Then, MA State Representative Hecht and Erin Leahy from Act on Mass will introduce the People's House Campaign, which aims to achieve rules reform in the Massachusetts State House to make it more transparent, democratic, and accountable.
Call to action

Indivisible Acton-Area Forum
Monday, April 12 @ 6:15 pm


I Learned How Important
Democracy Is to Me

Alyson Slutzky, Stellar Volunteer
“I was scared every day of Trump’s Presidency, and that changed me from the beginning and forever. I’ve learned how important democracy is to me."
Until Trump won the Republican nomination in 2016, Alyson Slutzky thought of activism as something other people did. She quickly found she had to step out of her comfort zone. As Alyson put it, “I learned I could canvass without knowing someone to go with, could make phone calls to senators and representatives, and could affect change by letting my friends know what I was learning.”

Paula Joseph, who nominated Alyson as a Stellar Volunteer, quicky recognized Alyson’s talents and put her to work for Swing Left Maine. Alyson met every challenge head on.

“Paula made it sound so amazing,” Alyson recounts. “With the pandemic, I converted the Maine phone banking system to virtual, organized phone bank info, delivered updates to phone bank captains, and trained others on various phone platforms. I feel great when I can empower like-minded people to become politically involved, to speak out, and to take actions that make a difference."

Alyson hasn't stopped or even slowed down. She's now a Field Captain for the grassroots group Left Field and was elected as her town's Chair of the Democratic Committee. And it’s clear why.

"I came to understand that citizens need to keep apprised of what's happening in the news and politically. Our job as citizens is to speak up and voice our thoughts and opinions. It feels great knowing we're collectively making a big difference in retaining democracy.”

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