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Newsletter: October 24, 2020
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Newsletter: October 17, 2020

Posted on October 17, 2020
Just two weeks left to get out the vote (GOTV)! Read all about it:

  • Canvassing is back
  • Pick a day, pick a state
  • Republican shenanigans
  • In the home stretch
  • Stories from the front lines
  • Voter protection team works magic

To Err Is Human, to Volunteer Is Divine

Rapid Response Team

Last week, we were so excited about the MA Rapid Response Team that we included the wrong link. Here’s the real scoop!

If you’re ready to pitch in whenever and wherever you’re needed, join the Rapid Response Team. Swing Left Greater Boston is working with the Indivisible MA Coalition to create a team of volunteers who recognize the urgency of this election.

As a team member, you’ll jump in at the last minute to staff voter protection hotlines, recruit volunteers, or even be a poll watcher in a swing state. This is the perfect opportunity for self-starters who are dedicated to getting Dems back in power.

Learn more about the Rapid Response Team.


We Got the Green Light!

Socially distanced canvassing in Maine

The Gideon and Biden campaigns in Maine have just given the green light to socially-distanced canvassing. Now, they’re asking us to recruit several hundred people to go door to door, of course using all the precautions we know already.

Face-to-face conversations are the most effective of all ways to increase voter turnout. With the race tightening in Maine, we need to talk to every single voter.
Call to action

Let’s tip this Senate race!
You know what a difference canvassing can make,
so make a plan to drive up, don a mask, and knock on some doors.
Sign up for training and canvassing sessions today.


Don’t Count Your Chickens!

Don't count your chickens

More than 490,000 NC voters have already returned their mail-in ballots, and nearly two-thirds of those ballots are from Democrats. (You can check out the latest at the NC State Board of Elections website.) But we can’t be complacent!

Early voting started October 15, and this is our chance to lock in Democratic votes as soon as possible. The more votes we bring in now, the more time we’ll have in the final days of the race.


Call to action

Want a Democratic President in 2020, 2024, 2028, and beyond?
If so, then we have to flip the NC State House
because only a Democratic NC legislature
can reverse gerrymandering and stop voter suppression.
Meet the candidates, learn more about the stakes, and find out what you can do.

The best thing you can do for democracy is to focus on a state, get to know its issues, and be part of a phone banking community that meets at the same time every week. What day(s) are you free? What state(s) need you most?

Pick a Day, Pick a State!


Republican Shenanigans Make Voter Protection Imperative

Republicans fake ballot boxes

  • In Texas, Republican Governor Greg Abbot ordered counties to close all but one ballot drop-off site; that’s one box for the 4.7m residents of Harris County.
  • In Wisconsin, the GOP is limiting early voting with the backing of Republican-appointed federal appellate judges.
  • In Florida, courts have backed Republican efforts to withhold voting rights from hundreds of thousands of felons, many of them people of color.
  • In North Carolina, the Republican National Committee is trying to block changes that could boost the ballot count.
  • In Virginia, a cut cable crashed the voter registration system on the last day of voter registration.

Incidents like these are galvanizing SLGB volunteers to focus on what’s within our control: how much time, energy, effort, and money we give to beat Trump and his followers.



Let’s Make an Impact!

Oct 15 progress chart

We’re in the final moments before Election Day, and it’s our last chance to make sure all eligible voters get to cast their ballots and have them count. Every one of us who cares has a role in saving our democracy. The question is, what is your role?

Swing Left Greater Boston makes the choice easy. Will you get out the vote? Will you protect the vote? Or will you join the Rapid Response Team?

Whatever you choose, know that you’re making an impact, helping at least one infrequent voter cast a ballot and then making sure it counts. Because every vote in this election is critical.
Call to action

Pledge to help ensure a Democratic win in this last stretch.


Stories From the Front Lines

Here are some examples of calls that phone bankers recorded in the last seven days:

  • One man wasn’t going to vote for Cal Cunningham until I reminded him we need a Blue Senate; that changed his mind.
  • I asked an undecided voter what issues concerned her. After we chatted about healthcare, she said she was worried that the GOP would undo the ACA and that she was scared of Trump. Now she’s planning to vote for Biden.
  • One person didn’t know about early voting; he was thrilled to hear that he could vote on the weekend. He’s planning to go vote with a group of friends.
  • A fellow in Chicago is changing his travel plans so he can get home in time to vote.
  • We talked about Dr. Jackson’s commitment to expanding public education and access to affordable healthcare. The young women decided to support Dr. Jackson and made plans to call the voter hotline the next day to register.

Call to action

Experience phone bank success for yourself.
Make a last-stretch pledge to get out the vote.


Voter Protection Team Delivers

LBJ Voter Protection Tool

LBJ, which stands for Lawyers Bound for Justice, is the DNC’s nationwide voter protection hotline system. Every poll watcher, observer, and hotline worker uses it to report irregularities at polling places, both inside and outside. The system connects with lawyers and others in real time to resolve issues.

One of the Deputy Directors of Voter Protection for the Coordinated Campaign in Florida asked Swing Left Greater Boston to set up a help desk to support LBJ users. We said we’d try! Then they asked if us to staff it with about 12 people. We said we’d try! Finally, they asked us to take responsibility for the entire project. Again, we said we’d try!

Then when we did the math: We’d need 50+ volunteers to support about 6,000 voter protection volunteers! And, by the way, the help desk needed to be fully functional in two weeks, when early voting starts on October 19. AND WE DID IT!

The SLGB team included Bill Corwin, David Trietsch, John Seay, Matt Weiss, and Roy Greenwald, with our true heroes, Anne Meyers, Ed Brody, and Harvey Greenberg. They have lived this project nonstop since it kicked off. In just 10 days, they have trained almost 50 people and are running shifts and fielding calls.

Most of the team are staffing four-hour shifts on the help desk and have already seen how much it helps the thousands of volunteers in Florida to protect the vote. Every evening, Anne juggles schedules, emails volunteers, and updates. Then she and Harvey verify that volunteers arrive to each of the four daily shifts. Amazing work.


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