Newsletter: October 17, 2020
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Newsletter: October 24, 2020

Posted on October 24, 2020
Just 10 days left … take a stand!

  • That landslide better reach all the way down the mountain
  • Will we win the NC jackpot?
  • Door-to-door (!) canvassing in Maine
  • Florida Race is Tightening
  • Take a page from the next generation
  • Stories from the front lines


Let’s Make It a Biden-Harris Landslide

Let's make it a Biden Harris landslide

You’ve heard the news, the numbers look good. But complacency is not an option. The Republican machine will fight back. Let’s make this election a landslide, so it doesn’t go to the Supreme Court.

To win requires social pressure at both ends.
Yes, we can influence infrequent voters in swing states to cast their ballots.
At the same time, we can put social pressure to work here in the blue bubble.
Tell your friends and family why you are volunteering and make it clear that a Democratic win depends on their participation.

Call to actionCan you join one or two Biden phone banks a week?
You’ll be talking to Dems who want to vote and need to know the latest about where and how to vote.

Install the Vote Joe App on your phone
Learn how to use Vote Joe to talk with your friends and family about voting for Joe Biden.

This is your last chance to make sure there’s no question who’s won.


This Landslide Must Go All the Way


Biden in the White House may feel like a success. But a Biden administration cannot be successful if a Republican Senate fights him every step of the way. We need to flip the Senate and protect our hold on the House of Representatives.

When we GOTV ( get out the vote) in swing states, we not only get Biden into office … we affect the whole ballot.

Here are some states where you could make a differences in Senatorial races.

  • In North Carolina, Cal Cunningham is running for US Senate, neck and neck (despite a texting misstep) with incumbent Thom Tillis (whose maskless stand won him a case of COVID). Tillis voted with his party on impeachment, repeal of the ACA, and rushing through the Supreme Court nomination.
  • In Maine, Sarah Gideon is giving incumbent Susan Collin the run of her life. Although Collins has a backlog of support and claims to be a moderate, she has sided with Trump on most issues, including the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh.
  • In Michigan, first-term Dem. Sen. Gary Peters of Michigan is up against GOP John James, a Black business executive and combat veteran. Their positions are so similar that many voters can’t tell which is Democrat and which is Republican. Peters’ campaign is focusing the need to maintain as many Dem seats in the Senate as possible.

    Call to actionInvest in Biden’s Success at the Senate Level
    Fight for US Senate Seats


Go Face-to-Face With Voters and
Head-to-Head with Susan Collins

Socially Distanced Canvassing in ME

When it comes to getting out the vote, face-to-face conversations are hands-down the most powerful catalyst for getting people to the polls. As of last week, we’re going door to door in Maine to support Sarah Gideon and Joe Biden. Our socially-distanced canvassing efforts could make or break the Gideon-Collins tie.Call to action

Drive up to Maine, don a mask, and knock on some doors for Gideon and Biden.
Sign up for training and canvassing sessions today.


Long-term Democratic Success
Starts Locally

The importance of state legislatures

Even if we elect Biden, even if we flip the Senate, even if we maintain our hold on the House of Representatives, success may be short-lived.

There’s only one way to reinstate the Dem hold on Washington: by cultivating state-level changes. This upcoming crop of state legislators will have the power to redefine electoral boundaries that will remain in force for the next ten years. Moreover, these state-level leaders form the corps of likely US Senators and Representatives for the next generation.
Call to action

Invest in the Future of a Democratic Government
Promote State Candidates


It Starts and Ends at the State House

PA State House

The PA State House opened the 2017-18 session with the largest Republican majority since 1957-58. Since then, legislators have gerrymandered districts into incomprehensible shapes and entrenched racial discrimination in their voter ID laws.

To turn the country blue again — and keep it that way — PA voters need to flip the State Senate and House of Representatives.
Call to action

Pick a state-level candidate, pick a phone bank (or two!)


Let’s Hit the Jackpot!

NC is a triple-play state

North Carolina is known as a “triple play” state because the President, US Senate seat, and State legislature are all up for grabs in 2020. You can be part of this truly momentous change!

A primary goal of calls into NC is to help Dems make a plan for casting their ballots … early!

Flipping the State House
Democrats are within six seats of taking back the NC state legislature. By getting out the vote for local candidates, we’re bringing out hard-to-reach voters for the entire ticket. The Democratic members of the NC House of Representatives will finally be able to establish fair redistricting that will endure for the next ten years. Are you willing to spend a couple of hours on the phone to support Frances Jackson and her fellow Democratic candidates (many of whom are people of color and female)?

Call to action

There are countless opportunities to flip NC every day of the week.
Choose Your Event.
Spend a couple of hours and make sure we set the country
and NC on course for a Democratic future.

The best thing you can do for democracy is to focus on a state, get to know its issues, and be part of a phone banking community that meets at the same time every week. What day(s) are you free? What state(s) need you most?

Pick a Day, Pick a State!


Coming Down to the Wire in Florida
Decision 2020: Florida

A snapshot of the race for the White House in Florida shows a tightening in recent weeks. A poll of likely voters by UNF shows Joe Biden holding a one-point lead over President Trump.
Just two weeks ago a similar poll had Biden with a five-point lead.Data from the first four days of Florida’s 14-day early voting period show the GOP outperforming Democrats, and starting to eat into the party’s lead in pre-Election Day votes.
Call to action

Turn Out the Vote in Key Democratic Strongholds!

Get on a Florida Phone Bank Today!


Get Busy Voters to the Polls in MI

Whitmer for Pulver

Gov. Whitmer (#ThatWomanfromMichigan) was the intended target of a foiled kidnapping plot. But that’s not stopping her from knocking on doors to get out the vote for State House candidates like Julia Pulver, Nicole Breadon, and Kelly Breen.

Here’s where you come in. Phone bankers report that people aren’t yet voting! Even after two weeks of early voting, they haven’t sent in their VBM ballots or don’t have a plan to vote in person, either early or on Election Day.Call to action

You can establish the future of Michigan redistricting and voting protection by getting out the word about these candidates.
Pick from the many opportunities to dial for our candidates.


Be Part of the Blue Wave

Oct 15 progress chart

These volunteers are no different than you except in one way: they joined the Blue Wave. In just one week, they have increased their commitment with:

  • 110 new pledges
  • 523 more phone bank shift sign-ups
  • 23 additions to the Rapid Response Team
  • 7 pledges to travel for in-person canvassing
Call to action

Pledge to help ensure a Democratic win in this last stretch.


Take a Page From the Next Generation

Colton and Madeleine

Colton Fauquher is only 16, but he was determined to get involved. He reached out to the WI Youth Phone Bank, expressing anxiety about cold calling. Slightly assured, Colton spent an hour talking to dozens of Biden supporters and receiving a lot of positive feedback from Wisconsin voters. Now, he’s enlisted friends to join him.

Engaging people, especially before they’ve reached voting age, makes a meaningful difference in the future of politics in this country. Encourage your friends and family, ages 16-25, to join the Youth Phone Bank, Thursday, Oct 29 @ 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm.

Call to action

A senior at NYU, Madeleine Greenberg co-captains a weekly voter protection phone bank. She also manages data collection and analysis. She uses the surveys and data collection processes she designed to determine best practices for phone bank captains and leaders. An invaluable member of the Voter Protection Team!

“Our country asks so little of us, and simply being “uncomfortable” about cold calling seemed trivial given the stakes. I’ve really come to enjoy the calls and camaraderie; I plan to continue through November 3 and beyond.

When the mission is as important as this, anyone can put aside their fears and be effective. That’s a really empowering feeling.”

— Brian Pillsbury


Stories From the Front Lines

Here are some examples of calls that phone bankers recorded in the last seven days:

  • The young man sounded so tired. “I’m a truck driver. I don’t get home until late Saturday night and leave early on Monday. How am I going to vote?” He sounded amazed and relieved when I told him the polls were open on Sundays and asked me to text him the time and place. He plans to go this Sunday.
  • He was an economist and a Trump supporter, but we had a good conversation. After I talked about issues that concerned me, he really sounded more open to considering the alternative.
  • The gentleman in North Carolina was worried that his absentee ballot hadn’t arrived. “I have liver cancer. You know, I haven’t been volunteering for 55 years to see the country like this. Now, it’s no longer my world … I’m doing this for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who I can’t even see! If I have to crawl up those steps, I will vote.”
  • My last call ended with a great woman who was going to vote tomorrow morning with some friends in a “voting party!”

Call to action

Experience phone bank success for yourself.
Make a last-stretch pledge to get out the vote.


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