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Why My Group Is Writing Postcards to Georgia — and Yours Should, Too

Posted on April 9, 2022

“Every citizen should play a role in shaping our nation’s democracy” — E.J. Dionne, Washington Post, 3/23/22

Our efforts helped to turn out 66.8% of Americans in the 2020 election; the highest in modern history. And we won!

The Way to Keep Winning is to Keep Working 

The midterms will soon be here, and Georgia has an important primary on May 24th

Swing Blue Alliance, in collaboration with Reclaim Our Vote/Center for Common Ground, has launched a postcard-writing initiative focused on low-propensity Black voters in Columbia County, Georgia. Postcard messaging has been carefully crafted, with the issues featured in our scripts rated as top concerns in a recent NAACP poll. 

Knowing that our efforts would be significant, my working group, Swing Blue Western Mass, quickly responded to my request for orders. We all agreed that Georgia was the right focus for us to gear up for midterms.

Why Georgia?

President Biden has acknowledged that African-American voters were the backbone of our victory in 2020. Georgia elected Senator Raphael Warnock in January 2021, but he is now up for re-election. His seat is pivotal in holding onto our slim Senate majority. 

The May 24th primary ballot also includes Stacy Abrams for governor! At a time when Georgia has enacted some of the most restrictive voting rights laws in the country, turning out votes for Democrats is imperative.

Check out our Georgia page for more info

Take Action!

We still have VOTE YOUR POWER postcards in our estore. (Need a password? Fill out our Host Interest Form to request access!) 

Please gather your group members and order today. The clock is ticking…

It’s time to get back to work, friends!


Thank you,

Janet Nelson and the team

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—  Janet Nelson is a retired clinical psychologist based in western Mass. She has worked on progressive campaigns since 1988, including serving as co-chair of the NJ Coalition to Save Darfur, 2005-2012.