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Super States and Voter Protection

Posted on September 26, 2020


Want to Do Something Special for Maine?

Host a Coordinated Campaign Organizer until the Election

This week, there are a few special opportunities to help that could make it even easier to win Maine.Call to action

Can you — or anyone you know in Maine — host a volunteer from now through Election Day? Our Coordinated Campaign Organizer will need a separate wing, perhaps access to cooking facilities.
If you know of anyone who can help out, please let Paula know. 

Could you spend a couple of hours at a printing facility in Newburyport to collate and package materials for the campaign?
Again, let Paula know. 

Do you want every vote to count in the final week of the election? You can staff a hotline from anywhere. It would be wonderful if you could observe absentee ballot processing and/or serve as a poll watcher on Election Day.
Sign up here.

Maine's Last Voter Reg Campaign

Over 125 volunteers from Maine and Greater Boston recently finished sending voter registration forms and absentee ballot applications to 4,500 students at Southern Maine Community College.

Starting tomorrow, volunteers from the greater Portland area will be sending letters, including a cover letter in four different languages, that will make voting easy, simple and safe for 1200 New Mainers.

This campaign, in conjunction with Gateway Community Services Maine, will be our last voter register mailing. Next? Get-out-the-vote postcards and possibly texting.


Early Voting = Early Voter Suppression

Protect the vote video

Early voting has begun, and with that comes voter suppression. Trump supporters have already intimidated voters in VA!

It has never been more clear that voter suppression will be an issue during this election. That means it has never been more important for us to help protect the right of all eligible Americans to vote safely and fairly.

In the past month and a half, voter protection volunteers have made nearly 10,000 calls and recruited almost 500 poll watchers. We’re also working to staff voter assistance hotlines, gather information on local voting procedures, and help voters cure rejected ballots.Call to action

Watch this video. 
to see why people like you are pledging to protect the vote.

Let us know how you’d like to counteract voter suppression.

SUPER STATE: NORTH CAROLINAIgnore Trump: Don't Vote Twice, Volunteer Twice

Swing Left Greater Boston disagrees. Don’t VOTE twice. VOLUNTEER twice.

Start by volunteering at the D.C. level for Biden/Harris and Cal Cunningham (a Senate seat absolutely crucial to dumping Mitch McConnell).

Then volunteer again (and again?) for NC state legislature candidates … Check out these videos about Frances Jackson and Kim Hardy. 

When you volunteer from the bottom to the top of the ticket, we all win twice:

  • We stop repeated Republican voter suppression and turn out voters who will cast ballots for both local and national candidates.
  • Plus, we give Democrats in D.C. the power to roll back climate change, raise the minimum wage, limit both gun violence and racist discrimination, and get closer to affordable, quality healthcare for everyone.

Call to action

Sign up to call North Carolina voters.


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