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April 3, 2021 Newsletter
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Progress Report: Postcards Fuel the Movement to Pass Historic Democracy Reform Bill

Posted on April 2, 2021

Swing Left Greater Boston/Swing Blue Alliance and our allies care about democracy and are willing to do the work necessary to preserve it. Currently, that means joining the movement to build support for the For the People Act,

The For the People Act, (H.R. 1 and now S. 1.), is a historic voting rights bill that will pull power out of the hands of dark money and racist policies and back where it belongs – with every citizen holding equal power in their ability to cast a vote that will be counted. Without passage of this bill, the prospect for fair elections in Republican controlled states looks bleak. As of March 24, legislators have introduced 361 bills with restrictive provisions in 47 states. With not a single Republican senator willing to support voting rights, we must amend the filibuster in order to pass S. 1 . This will require every single Democratic senator to get on board , which is why Swing Left Greater Boston/Swing Blue Alliance decided to put pressure on senators who may have doubts about filibuster reform.

Swing Left Greater Boston hosts were responsible for sending out fully one third of the 150,000 cards sent to Arizona constituents of Senator Krysten Sinema, which resulted in 1205 calls to her office. That means that 400 calls could not have happened without our hosts and volunteers. The overall response rate was 1%, which may sound small but is in fact a significant achievement. We also sent cards to activists in West Virginia, which resulted in a similar flurry of calls to Senator Manchin’s office.

Even after the massive outpouring of grassroots effort for the 2020 election, our volunteers, who surely deserve to take a break, have said “yes” once again. When democracy is on the line, we will be there to fight for a future that is equitable, just and fair. With gratitude to all participants, the success of this latest campaign to pass once-in-a-generation civil rights legislation is our proof that we are in this fight, together, for the long term.