June 11, 2018 Newsletter
Join The Voting Rights Fight: For the People Act (S1)
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July 10th Newsletter

Posted on July 10, 2021


Voting Rights Week
Postcards to End Voter Suppression
Join Indivisible's Truth Brigade to Defend S. 1 Online
Indivisible Northampton Meeting with Adam Smith
Effectiveness of S. 1 Constituent Activities


Voting Rights Week

Senator Warren
At a meeting in Lexington, MA on Wednesday night, Senator Elizabeth Warren stirred the crowd's passions for S. 1, the For the People Act.

"Raise your voice! Now is the moment to do it," she commanded the crowd. "This is our chance. We're going back in session on Monday."

If you do one thing all summer to help save our democracy– do it this week. Join a local phone bank or host a postcard campaign. You have the power to make key Senators' phones ring. Now is the time to jump in.
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Take Action This Week


Postcards to End Voter Suppression

Senator Hassan S. 1 postcard
Swing Blue Alliance is looking for more volunteers to help with our postcard campaign in partnership with Common Cause. We are currently writing postcards to constituents of Nevada senators.

These postcards can make a real difference in persuading senators to pass the S. 1 bill before the end of the legislative session on August 6th. The bill will not pass unless people like us are willing to take action.
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Join Indivisible's Truth Brigade to Defend S. 1 Online

S. 1 means free and fair elections. Spread the word.

Join Truth Brigade's efforts to effectively combat disinformation regarding S. 1 online. When we share and amplify unified, factual messages to those who trust us, we can shift the narrative and increase support for S. 1.
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Which Actions Are Most Impactful and Where Do We Stand?

Indivisible Mass Coalition Logo
Join Indivisible Northampton on Monday, July 12th at 7PM as we host Adam Smith, Strategic Partnerships Director at End Citizens United, and a 'proud West Virginian' at our upcoming zoom meeting.

Adam is part of End Citizen United's weekly S. 1 webinar for grassroots leaders, and an insightful and inspiring speaker on all things S. 1 from both a national and West Virginia perspective. He will be speaking on which actions, and which targets, are more impactful and where things stand right now for getting S. 1 passed this summer. Call to action
Register in Advance Here for July 12th


Qualitative Evaluation of S. 1 Constituent Activities

Based on internal research, Swing Blue Alliance’s constituent contact activities for S. 1, such as phone-banking and sending postcards, are effective in galvanizing support amongst constituents and increasing our contact with Senators who are vital for the passing of this bill.
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