June 11, 2018 Newsletter
You and the 34%: Connecting with High Potential Voters
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August 21st Newsletter

Posted on August 20, 2021


Be a part of history: March on Washington
Time to Grow: Help Us Celebrate!
S. 1: Stay the course Learn about hosting events
Going to the Cape: Write some postcards

Where do you stand on social distancing and COVID?

Swing Blue Alliance/Swing Left Greater Boston is looking ahead at potential events …
Zoom? Outside? Inside? Masks?

Call to action

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March on Washington

Join Our Delegation and Make History!

March on Washington
This day will be a springboard to all the important voting rights actions we’ll do in 2021 and beyond.” Kyru Crymes, Organizer, SEIU

On August 28th, the 58th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech, his grandson, Martin Luther King III, is leading the March on Washington for Voting Rights in Washington DC. In partnership with more than 200 organizations, thousands of Americans of all colors and creeds will march to demand that the House and the Senate protect our democracy. Indivisible Mass Coalition and Swing Blue Alliance are sponsoring and sending a delegation to the march.  

Call to action

Please email Susan Labandibar at Rally@SwingBlueAlliance.org if you would like to join our mighty delegation or make a donation to defray travel expenses.

Time to Grow and Celebrate Our New Name

Family Friendly Park in Waltham located astonishingly close to the Mighty Squirrel Taproom
Join Swing Left Greater Boston volunteers at a fun family-friendly outdoor event as we unveil our new logo.  In 2020, volunteers working with Swing Left Greater Boston took 4.7 million actions. In 2021, we’ll be leading this organizing effort under a new name: Swing Blue Alliance.

Our new name and new affiliation with Indivisible will help volunteers and partner groups recognize us as an independent grassroots organization helping organizers and volunteers take effective action to elect Democrats in swing states. That’s something to celebrate!  

You are cordially invited to an outdoor event to formally launch our new name and kick off our fall programming.  
Join the festivities at 25 Wilson Road, Waltham,
on Saturday, September 11 @ 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm.

Call to action

Sign Up and Bring a Dessert!


Stay the Course

Per Senator Schumer, “Voting rights will be the first matter of legislative business when the Senate returns to session in September. Our democracy demands no less.”

Whatever you have heard, S. 1 is not dead.
Yes, the Republicans blocked debate. However, Senator Manchin has gradually come on board, joining the other Dems in the Senate. Even if the For the People Act morphs a bit, it will still include a ban on partisan gerrymandering, limit dark money, protect voting rights, and make it easier to register and vote. The bill will have the support of all 50 Democrats.

Despite what Schumer calls “total Republican intransigence,” Democrats are capitalizing on this moment to fix our democracy and set the rules under which we will live for the next generation.

Don’t give up.
The recess is an ideal time for senators to hear from their constituents.

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Location: Wherever you want
Salary: None
Skills: Full training available.
Responsibilities: Organize postcard, phone bank, and canvassing events

  • Increase your impact
  • Collaborate with like-minded people
  • Be in-the-know
  • Expand your skill set
  • Work your own hours
  • Contribute to the fight for Democracy
Call to action

Learn More About Event Hosting


Going to the Cape?

Volunteer at the Cape
Just 'cause you're going in vacation doesn't mean you have to stop rallying for voting rights!

Indivisible Outer Banks has set up postcard writing tables at the Truro Farmers' Market on Mondays from 8-12, the UU Church on Commercial St in Ptown on Mondays from 2-4, and the Ptown Library on Commercial St in Ptown on Fridays from 2-4.

They have everything you need to write your senators, asking them to do more to end the filibuster and pass voting rights legislation . They provide the names and addresses of all the senators, so it doesn't matter if you are visiting from out of state.

So far they have sent 1,600 postcards. In 15 minutes, how many more postcards can you add to the pile?


Swing Blue Alliance: The Next Generation

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