New Hampshire

New Hampshire

New Hampshire

The Swing Blue Alliance team is taking action this fall in New Hampshire, connecting with county and local democratic parties, meeting with grassroots organizations, and developing actions that engage and mobilize voters for the all-important 2022 U.S. senate and congressional races. Check the Swing Blue Alliance calendar for current opportunities.  If you’d like to join the New Hampshire team, fill out our “Adopt a State” form and Paula Joseph, the state coordinator, will reach out.

Why New Hampshire?

New Hampshire is a perennially purple state. In the 2020 cycle, New Hampshire voted for Biden by a 7.3% margin over Trump. However, at the same time, voters flipped both the state house and state senate red. When you add in the Republican governor, John Sununu, Republicans now have what’s called a “trifecta” at the state level – House, Senate, and Governor’s seat. Since then, the state legislature has passed a flood of anti-abortion, pro-gun, and voter suppression legislation, all of which the Governor approved.  Republicans also have control of the once-in-a-decade redistricting cycle, which will impact not only state house races but also  U.S. congressional seats. 

Senate and congressional seats in New Hampshire are shaping up to be highly competitive races.  Senator Maggie Hassan, who won her seat by 1,000 votes in 2016, will be up for re-election in 2022.  Post-redistricting, U.S. representative Chris Pappas will be competing in a much tougher district. 

We are laying the ground for 2022 by helping New Hampshire keep voters engaged and active.  To do that, we leveraging special elections, encouraging voters to register and make voting a habit. Our neighbors to the north need us, and we all need them. Let’s work together to turn all of New Hampshire blue.

Canvass and Phone Bank Now, Create Voters for 2022

Did you know that research shows the more often someone votes, the more likely they will be to vote in the future?  With our work in New Hampshire, we are helping people make voting a habit and registering college students and new residents, all with the goal of increasing the Democratic base. Join us to help re-elect Derry’s Mary Eisner in a special election on December 7th.

Canvas and Phone Bank Opportunities