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Why Swing Left Greater Boston focuses on volunteer hosted events

Posted on December 30, 2020

Did you know that Swing Left Greater Boston wants to do more than flip the Senate, hold the House and take back key state capitals?  We also want to build a robust network of grassroots activists. How do we do that? Through volunteer-hosted events.  We humans are fundamentally relational and most of us would prefer to be in a small group of people we know, or at least we can get to know. That’s why we weren’t surprised when Mobilize analyzed its database and discovered that volunteer hosted events are three times more successful at retaining supporters than other kinds of events.

“Mobilize automatically prompts supporters to take on leadership positions after they have attended events with an organization, helping to introduce new networks to your mission. We found that supporters whose first event is volunteer-hosted are three times more likely to be retained in future months.”

Let’s celebrate the power of relationships and keep empowering volunteers to take on leadership roles.