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12/20 at 7pm - This Really Happened - Election Day 2020 Traveler's Tales
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The Leaders Bulletin #45 – The Pause

Posted on December 17, 2020

Dear I-Know-There’s-Solid-Good-News-Out-There-Activist Leaders,

With the election of 2020 behind us, we have, of course, been thinking about our future as an organization, and we want to update all of you about what comes next. We have identified three goals: Protecting democracy, strengthening the Democratic Party, and electing Democrats up and down the ballot. We believe that we’ll maximize our progress toward these goals by focusing on connecting volunteers to Democratic organizations in swing states to offer whatever support we can.

We expect that our support of groups in these swing states will involve many activities we have done in the past, such as registering voters, encouraging Vote by Mail, organizing mailings and phone banks to educate voters about where, when and how to vote, and staffing voter protection hotlines. Other new opportunities may also arise. Of course, we very much hope that you and your network will join us in this work going forward.

We also want you to know that Swing Blue Alliance will be pausing after the January 5 Georgia run-offs. You won’t hear from us for a time, though know that the SBA leadership will be strategizing for the future. We hope you’ll use the Pause to rest and regroup after this enormously challenging year and to think about what you want in your own future as an activist.

Wishing you some relaxation and joy in this unusual holiday season, and hoping 2021 won’t be a year for the history books, but rather one of meaningful progress for all of us and for the wider world,

Susan Labandibar and Lisa Greenberg

Swing Left Greater Boston Volunteers Meeting:

You are cordially invited to attend the SLGB volunteers meeting on Monday at 4pm, where I’ll be presenting an early draft of the SLGB strategy for the long haul.  

RSVP here.

Newsletter Editors: Would you like to try some MAGIC?  

MAGIC stands for MA Grassroots Information Center. Swing Left Greater Boston and Indivisible Acton are looking for a few organizations to join us in piloting a new “one stop shop” for information about grassroots actions and events here in Massachusetts. If you are a newsletter editor or just someone who frequently emails your list, please join us on the MAGIC-2022 Slack Workspace and we will get in touch.

Good News from Georgia!

My partner Bob has been in Macon, GA defending the election in Macon, Georgia. Turns out there’s nothing to defend. Black voting rights groups are very well organized - handing out coffee, donuts, Doritos, rain ponchos, you name it. People are energized, spirits are high. Everyone is friendly and wearing a mask. No MAGA hats! Join us on Sunday, 12/20 at 7pm to hear more election traveler’s tales. Learn more and RSVP here.