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Newsletter: November 13, 2020

Posted on November 14, 2020


Georgia Senate Races
Use Slack to Be In-the-Know
Leveraging LinkedIn
Social Media: This is What Democracy Looks Like


Georgia Results Up in the Air

Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock
Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock for Georgia Senate
Georgia’s vote for President is headed for a recount. Both of the state’s U.S. Senate races are headed for a runoff election.

The recount on its own is unlikely to affect Biden’s win. However, the Senate runoff elections will decide whether we have a Democratic or Republican majority in the Senate. And that will affect Biden’s ability to get substantial legislation passed.

A special election on January 5 will decide Georgia’s two Senate seats. Raphael Warnock, an African American pastor from Atlanta, is up against Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who Gov. Brian Kemp picked in 2019 to replace retiring Johnny Isakson. Democrat Jon Ossoff is challenging incumbent Sen. David Perdue; while Perdue led Ossoff in the Nov 3 election, he did not achieve the 50% of votes required by Georgia law.

So Our Work Is Not Done
Now, SLGB is aiming efforts at Georgia. There are already multiple phone banks to support Jon Ossoff.

SLGB is also establishing alliances with local organizations. Our plans include campaigns to register voters, distribute vote-by-mail ballot applications, and get out the vote. We’ll start with letters and postcards before pivoting to phone calls and texts as we get closer to January 5.

Key to winning the Senate is voter turnout. Traditionally, voters do not participate in runoff elections. Our work is to ensure we get as many Dems to vote as possible.

Call to action Let’s do it again in Georgia!
Many of us made calls for Biden and down-ballot candidates.
We proved how effective these phone banks are.
Get out the word to voters across Georgia about the upcoming election.
Sign up for a phone bank at various times, Mondays through Fridays.

Want to work on the Georgia runoff elections?
Join the SLGB-2020 Slack workspace.
There are 12 new channels on different actions you can take to affect the outcome in Georgia.

Support a vetted group of effective Georgia organizers with one donation!
100% of your contribution goes to on-the-ground organizations.

Host a Letter-Writing Event for the
Georgia Weekend of Action

Georgia Weekend of Action
Swing Left Greater Boston is collaborating with the Georgia Democratic Party to coordinate our first-ever Georgia Absentee Ballot Weekend of Action on November 20-22. We're sending absentee ballot applications to Democratic voters in the Atlanta suburbs, making it easier for them to vote safely in the upcoming Senate runoff elections.

The goal is to send 120,000 letters by November 25. You can make this happen by signing up to be a postcard and letter-writing host. Order your letters, post your event on mobilize, and collect your volunteers.

Call to action Email us to learn more and order your materials.
Let's have a huge collective impact on this election during the Weekend of Action!


Maximize the SLGB Community

Swing Left Greater Boston on LinkedIn
You can leverage LinkedIn to promote Swing Left Greater Boston, build your own network, and support the other volunteers you've come to know and appreciate throughout this election. Start at the SLGB LinkedIn page.

Strengthen connections: Many of us have formed strong relationships with other volunteers during the past year(s). You can expand the power of those connections by adding SLGB experience to your LinkedIn profile. Go to your profile and click Add Profile Section. Select Volunteer Experience and click Add to Profile. Under Volunteer Experiences, click +. Fill out the form and click Save.

Join the SLGB LinkedIn group. Go to the SLGB LinkedIn group page and click Request to Join to become a member.

Endorse people you’ve worked with: Once you've connected to the other person, open their profile and scroll to the endorsement section. Click the + beside the skill you’d like to endorse. Fill out the form.

Write a recommendation (especially valuable for interns and other SLGBers looking for jobs): Find the person’s profile and click Connect. Once you have a 1st-degree connection with the person you'd like to recommend, click More and select Recommend. Fill in the form, click Next, write your recommendation, and click Send.


This is What Democracy Looks Like
Created by Ben Hillman, a member of Lean Left who worked closely with Swing Left Maine on the videos of Mainers explaining why they were voting for Sara Gideon.
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