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November 13 Standout

Posted on November 27, 2021
Volunteers stand outside holding signs in support of voting rights

Saturday, November 13 could not have been a more perfect day to stand out for Voting Rights!  More than a dozen activists showed up in each of Post Office Sq. in Lynnfield, Riley Plaza in Salem, and the Nahant Rotary in Lynn to sign a huge banner-size letter to Pres. Biden asking him to tell the Senate to overcome the filibuster and ensure voting rights for all America.

In addition to signing the letter ourselves, we were seen by hundreds of people driving by and in Lynn and Salem were able to speak to many passersby and get them to sign as well.

For many in the groups it was the first time they had met after spending the last 18 months writing postcards from home. 

So a bit of an organizing trifecta – direct action, visibility, and rebuilding our social infrastructure!

Thanks to Indivisible for setting this up nationally and making it so convenient to join in – and the Lynnfield Democratic Town Committee and Salem Democratic City Committee for their help.