2022 Results: North Carolina

2022 Results: North Carolina

2022 Results: North Carolina

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2022 Midterm Results 

The 2022 North Carolina midterm elections were crucial for the political landscape of the state. With a Democratic Governor, a heavily Republican state legislature, and gerrymandered congressional and state legislature districts, the goal of the midterm election was to win the open Senate seat and retain the Democratic Governor’s veto power. All in for NC and Swing Blue Alliance worked as a team, providing much-needed out-of-state fundraising and volunteer resources to organizations on the ground in North Carolina to support the Democratic candidates.

All in for NC focused on multiple races in order to preserve the Governor’s veto power while also campaigning for Democrat Cheri Beasley for Senate. They helped keep volunteers engaged and informed in monthly meetings featuring elected officials, candidates, local leaders, and North Carolina experts, recruited volunteers in large events, and, in partnership with Swing Blue Alliance, engaged with voters through deep canvassing, postcard writing, and phone banks. The organization also fundraised for candidates to ensure they had the resources they needed to run successful campaigns.

The results of the 2022 North Carolina midterm elections were mixed for the Democrats. Democratic Governor Roy Cooper retained veto power and Democrats picked up two seats in the U.S. House, but Cheri Beasley lost in a close race for the open Senate seat to Republican Ted Budd. Despite the loss, All in for NC and Swing Blue Alliance can be proud of the efforts they made to support Democratic candidates. The organizations helped recruit hundreds of volunteers who made $375,000 in donations, 40,000 calls, and sent 75K postcards for 5 state legislature candidates. These efforts demonstrate the dedication and determination of All in for NC and Swing Blue Alliance to create positive change in North Carolina through the electoral process.

Why North Carolina?

North Carolina is a highly purple state.  It is the southernmost state East of the Mississippi with full reproductive rights.  But Republicans are only one State House seat away from being able to override Democratic Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of anti-choice, anti-democracy and anti-public school legislation.  

In 2022, Democrats got to 7-7 Congressional seats from North Carolina, winning two seats by small margins.  In 2020, Democrats came within two points of winning the Presidential and US Senate elections. 

With 100 people a day moving to NC, especially into swing suburban and exurban (or “countrypolitan”) districts, many close State House and Senate seats will be in play in 2024. 

In 2024, top statewide seats will be up for election.  Democrats currently hold the Governor and Attorney General seats, but both are term-limited.  The Republican Lieutenant Governor is the leading MAGA politician in the state and the odds-on favorite to be their gubernatorial candidate, setting up an election that could somewhat mirror the Shapiro-Mastriano race for governor this year in Pennsylvania. 

All In for North Carolina (AINC), affiliated with Swing Blue Alliance, an all-volunteer organization, works with many local North Carolina grassroots organizations that know the terrain, have boots on the ground and can help direct our efforts.  Our support efforts include fundraising, helping to recruit volunteers on the ground, and direct participation in candidate phone banks.  In 2021-2, we and our out-of-state partners generated many hundreds of volunteers – to make phone calls, go door to door and write postcards.  We also raised $375,000 for eight organizations and three candidates – Cheri Beasley for US Senate, and Sydney Batch and Valerie Jordan for State Senate.  Batch held her State Senate seat by a narrow margin, but Beasley and Jordan both lost narrowly.

Please join us to help save our democracy and our rights, to help Democrats win in North Carolina, and to help millions of working people in NC who are getting shafted by terrible Republican policies…and will be hurt even worse if Republicans gain more power in NC .  

We welcome volunteers from New England and beyond to participate.   We are looking for additional leaders to help with our outreach, phone banking, canvassing, and postcarding programs.  We are also looking for help with communications, such as social media, messaging and newsletter/email writing; with database management; with our webpage; with research; and with general organizing and organizational efforts.  If you would like to explore helping us out, please email us and one of us will get in touch with you to talk.

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