June 11, 2018 Newsletter
Encouragement from Indivisible
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Newsletter June 5th

Posted on June 7, 2021


Will we let partisan legislatures control voting rights?
If states enact all the gerrymandering and voter suppression bills on the docket, fair voting is dead in the water. The good news? The For the People Act (S1) would put a halt to ALL voter suppression initiatives. Sadly, S1 can pass ONLY if all Dems and at least ten Republicans support the bill … or if they can kill the filibuster.

The results of the 2024 presidential election depend on fair voting practices, which depend on passing S1.

That’s what this newsletter issue is about.

Let’s Help Senators Push Through
For the People !


Can We Pass For the People?
Take the first step and learn the answers to these questions: How effective is our activism? How close are we to passing For the People? What else can or should we be doing?

Common Cause National Campaigns Manager Izzy Bronstein will answer these questions and more at the Indivisible Northampton meeting on Monday, June 7 @ 7:00 pm! Izzy has her finger on the pulse of the movement. She builds, organizes and trains a national network of grassroots and community leaders to work on local, state, and national campaigns.

Call to action Hear our strategy for pushing through the For the People Act.

Register Now!

Monday, June 7 @ 7:00 pm


Phone Banks for For the People
You went crazy when it came to getting Biden into office. If you want a Democrat in the White House in the future, it's time to go crazy again. Your energy and participation at phone banks are the antidote to voter suppression.

Make calls to:
  • Friends and Democrat voters in purple/blue states, asking them to urge their Senators to support S1 and kill the filibuster
  • Dem voters in blue states, asking them to convince other Senators to join the battle. If Moderate Senators speak up, we will be able to exert more pressure on Senators Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema.

Call to action

Find Your Phone Bank Here!


Text for For the People

Here are some opportunities to support voter protection via text ... several don't even use your own phone number!


Text and Post for For the People
Put your PC or phone where you heart is with any of these resources.

(You CAN brave Twitter and Instagram with the instructions at the end of this article.)

Call to action The Deadline for Democracy Toolkit
offers sharable messaging and press materials.

The Filibuster Friday Twitter Toolkit
provides tons of messages to post and tweet.
You’ll find hashtags and Instagram handles for relevant organizations
and all 100 Senators.

If you’re like me …
…You’ll need to learn how to tweet on Twitter
… You’ll succumb to your kids' demands and
figure out how to get on Instagram


Grassroots Reboot
If you’re reading this newsletter before 10am on 6/5, you still have a chance to attend the biggest Swing Left Greater Boston meeting ever. But if you missed it, don’t worry!

Next week’s issue will include a recap chock full of info. You’ll even get a link to a recording of the plenary session.

You’ll hear about voter protection, the road to 2022, and effective actions, including postcard and letter-writing, combatting disinformation, and fighting for voting rights in New Hampshire ... plus the future of SLGB!

Keep an eye out for next week’s SLGB newsletter.


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