June 11, 2018 Newsletter
Talking to Voters So They Will Listen
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Newsletter May 29th

Posted on June 1, 2021


Make Sure Democratic Senators Stay the Course
Save June 5 to Save the Democratic Agenda
What You Can Do About Disinformation
Get Dems Into Mainstream Media
A Critical Win in Pennsylvania


Stay the Course

Fight for Voter Protection
Energy for the For the People Act is ebbing. Yet the Senate is still under siege, and only voter support can break the logjam. Democratic Senators MUST hear that the country is with them.

If we can persuade moderate senators to support ending the filibuster, it will encourage Senator Manchin to join the Democratic fold. Call to action

Make Sure Democratic Senators Push for Voter Protection

Here are two opportunities for you to help voters convince their senators, simply by reading a script. (Training is available for all phone banks.)

Swing Left Greater Boston Phone Banks

This phone bank uses OpenVPB.

Indivisible Northampton Phone Banks

This phone bank uses Hubdialer.

We're at 180 RSVPs and Counting

Register for the 2021 Grassroots Reboot

Help us get to 300!

Do you want to ...
  • Hear what Katherine Clark says about the state of our democracy?
  • Learn about successful coalitions in Georgia or how to help turn New Hampshire blue?
  • Find out how to combat disinformation?
  • Understand research into the effectiveness of postcard and letter writing?
Take the first step toward building our community, strengthening our groups, and finding new ways of taking effective action at this free event.

Call to action See the whole agenda and register now!


What You Can Do About Disinformation

Fighting Fake News
Misinformation and disinformation is constantly spreading absurd and outrageous lies; some of these fictions would be funny if they weren’t so dangerous. Still, millions of people buy it, no questions asked.

Greater Andover Indivisible and a coalition of Indivisible groups invite you to hear great speakers explain what’s happening ... and offer actions we can all take to counter disinformation so we can hold the line in 2022.
Call to action

The Evils of Disinformation and What You Can Do About It
Thursday, June 3 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

Call to action Check Out the Slide Deck from Last Month's Presentation

See Common Cause's Take on Disinformation
Call to action
Now that you know more ...

Pick a way to fight for the truth


Get Dems Into Mainstream Media

Dems in Mainstream Media
Have you noticed that the news is all about right wing obstruction and ignores Biden initiatives? Imagine if mainstream radio talked to unemployed miners about how their lives would improve with the American Rescue Plan. What if mainstream TV covered how officials verified the vote? How about newspaper articles describing families saved from destitution by the Affordable Care Act?

We can make that a reality with -- wait for it -- social media. Apparently, news outlets decide what items to cover by looking for trends on Facebook and Twitter, etc.
Call to action

It doesn’t take a lot of work to blanket social platforms with positive info about voter empowerment, infrastructure, health care, and other progressive initiatives.

The American Rescue Plan Social Media Toolkit gives you lots of messages
to cut and paste into Twitter and Facebook. Post the clever pictures as well!

Scroll through to find the issues you care about and tell the world!


SLGB Team Helps Marty Flynn Win PA State Senate Seat

Marty Flynn Wins
On May 18, Marty Flynn won the special election for Pennsylvania's 22nd district Senate seat with 51.2% of the vote. This is a resounding win, where the Republican candidate received only about 38% of the vote; the Green Party candidate got almost 10%, and the Libertarian candidate got 1.2%.

This victory is a big deal in a state where the legislature is putting forward 12 bills to suppress voting through voter purges, voter ID requirements, and limits on absentee voting.

Scranton, located in Northeast PA, is a rust belt city surrounded by smaller cities and rural areas. Downtown, there are only a few restaurants and stores still open. Still, a number of intrepid Northeasterners travelled to knock on doors. They quickly discovered all the friendly people who love what Flynn has done as a state rep, especially how he looked out for and provided services to people in his district.

A big congratulations to the team that supported Marty Flynn’s race! Let's keep up this momentum to win in 2022, 2024, and beyond.

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