June 11, 2018 Newsletter
Activism in MA: Strategies, Effectiveness & Next Steps with Susan Labandibar
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Newsletter June 12th

Posted on June 16, 2021


Stay the Course
Freedom to Vote Postcards
Freedom to Vote Phone Banks

Grassroots Reboot Recap
Ayanna Pressley on the Future of the Dem Party
Disinformation Recap


Stay the Course

For the People
Last weekend, Senator Manchin (D-WV) announced he would vote against  S. 1, the historic Democracy reform bill "For the People" that was 15 years in the making. Does that mean we should slow down our support for S. 1? No! In fact, Manchin's defection only ratchets up the urgency to stay the course.

After Sen. Warnock spoke with Sen. Manchin Sunday night, Warnock said he remains "hopeful" about getting Manchin on board. If Sen. Warnock is hopeful, we can be hopeful, too.

At our Grassroots Reboot conference last week, Kimberlyn Carter, leader of Represent Georgia Action Network, asked, “What’s our what’s next?” Our "What’s next?"is pressuring moderate Senators about the importance of S.1 and ensuring access to the ballot.

The first vote in the Senate on For the People (S.1) has been scheduled for the week of June 21. That's just the beginning. The battle for the freedom to vote is expected to continue well into July (and possibly into August).

Letters of Encouragement from Indivisible Leaders


Postcards Packets Already Available!

Postcards for S.1
Within 36 hours of the start of the new postcard campaign, volunteers like you picked up 50,000 postcards! And that's just a drop in the bucket. It will take a mountain of postcards to a substantial number of voters to make the U.S. Senate see the light.

The goal of postcard campaign is to counteract Republican pressure on moderate senators and strengthen support for S.1, the For the People Act. These senators need to hear how much their constituents support S.1 so they'll exert pressure right back on the Republicans!

The postcard task is totally streamlined:
  • Name/address labels are pre-printed
  • Handwritten messages are short
  • You can organize your own packet sizes
  • A packet of 50 costs only $25 to cover stamps, postcards, and shipping

Can you pick up and mail postcards to constituents of various senators, including NH Senator Maggie Hassan?

Find a pickup location near you!


Choose a Phone Bank

Join a Phone Bank
Many grassroots organizations are collaborating on phone banks to support For the People. Most are calling likely supporters, connecting them directly to their senators. Once the constituents are connected with a senator's line, they can leave a message asking the senator to support S.1.

This campaign is extremely successful: 40% of people they reach are patched through to the senators. Very gratifying for us volunteers!

Make a date to make calls for For the People

Education is the Most Effective Weapon

The more you understand about the news, issues, events, and media, the more power you have to counteract anti-democratic forces. Here are some great opportunities to catch up on the flow of information about grassroots activities.


Grassroots Reboot Recap

2021 Grassroots Reboot Recap
The star-studded Grassroots Reboot conference on June 5 brought 180 participants and numerous presenters together to explore what's next. The speakers and group leaders covered so much ground that it would be impossible to present it all here. Swing Blue Alliance summer intern, Valerie Infante, wrote an excellent summary of the conference. A great way to catch up!

Valerie Infante's Conference Summary


Hear Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley on the Future of the Dem Party

Ayanna Pressley to Speak
Come to the final session of the Arlington Democratic Town Committee series, Strengthening Our Democracy. This interactive forum explores the obstacles and the opportunities that confront our democracy and the Democratic Party on national, state, and local levels.

There’ll be analysis and first-hand perspectives from Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley and other leaders. Then, you’ll have the chance to engage in a breakout strategy session of your choosing.

You’ll come away with specific insights and action items that will equip both experienced activists and first-timers alike with concrete ways to make a critical difference. Call to action

Strengthening Our Democracy:
Taking Action at the National, State & Local Levels
Thursday, June 17@ 7:30 pm - 9 pm

Register to Attend


The Evils of Disinformation Recap

Evils of Disinformation Recap
Did you hope to attend the presentation on The Evils of Disinformation and What You Can Do About It ... but you couldn't fit it in? Well, Greater Andover Indivisible has your back. Click any of these links to catch up on the latest data and opportunities.

The Recording
The Chat
The Slides
Christine Brown’s Truth Brigade Presentation
Rose Lang-Maso’s Common Cause Stop Disinformation Program 2020-2021
The Truth Brigade Guide
Combatting Disinformation Follow-up Action and Resources


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