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Newsletter July 17th

Posted on July 21, 2021


For the People Act(ion)
Spanish-speaking Phonebank
The Battle for Truth
Encourage Environmental Activists to Vote
New Georgia Project Action Fund
Talking to Voters


Doing Our Part

For the People Act
Swing Blue Alliance/Swing Left Greater Boston volunteers have already sent out over 230,000 postcards and dialed over 65,000 numbers in support of the For the People Act. This effort has produced thousands of phone calls from constituents to their senators.

In response to this pressure, Senator Manchin has moved from opposing the For the People Act to supporting a more limited -- but still critical -- set of measures to protect everyone’s freedom to vote. Now, President Biden and Democratic congressional leaders are adding their own voices to the cause. Call to action

Be part of the nationwide campaign!
Encourage moderate senators to do whatever it takes to pass the For the People Act.

Making Progress State By State

Postcard Progress

We’ve already sent For the People postcards to New Hampshire, Maine, Arizona,
West Virginia, New York, and Nevada.

Now, move forward with us into Delaware and then Virginia.
With Common Cause and the Blue Wave Postcard Movement


¡Únete en Llamar a Hispano Hablantes!

Spanish-Speaking Phone Banks
We’re a group of young Spanish-speaking volunteers who wants to reach out to Hispanic voters. This sometimes-marginalized community frequently experiences the burden of strict voting laws, long wait times at the polls, and other barriers to their democratic rights.

Join us to call Spanish-speaking voters, connecting them to their senators. We’ll help the voters encourage their senators to both support the For the People Act and eliminate the filibuster.

You’ll need to be fluent in both Spanish and English, but there are no other requirements -- shifts always include training for first-timers.

Call to action
¡Por favor, ponga a trabajar bien sus habilidades lingüísticas!
Mondays @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET
With Common Cause


The Battle for Truth

Combat Disinformation
The current political landscape and social media are creating opportunities for bad actors to push false information and exacerbate social tension. Activists and organizers like you are key to helping progressives “win” the battle for truth online. Call to action

Learn how to handle disinformation effectively.

Start tweeting!
Every Thursday @ 1:00 - 2:00 pm ET
With Indivisible Acton Area and Truth Brigade


Encourage Environmental Activists
to Vote

EVP Webinar
Looking for impactful ways to turn out voters? Learn how to call and text unlikely-to-vote environmentalists using unique, nonpartisan messaging.
Call to action

Find out how to reach new voters.
Monday, July 19 @ 12:00 – 12:45 pm ET
With the Environmental Voter Project


New Georgia Project Action Fund

New Georgia Project Action Fund
The goal of the New Georgia Project Action Fund is to increase civic participation of underrepresented and underserved communities of color in Georgia. The organization's strategy is to build grassroots political power in support of progressive candidates, policies, and issues.
Call to action

Learn more.

Get voters activated now in preparation for 2022!
Tuesday, July 20 at 8:00 pm ET
With Sister District MA-RI


Talking to Voters So They Will Listen

Deep-dive canvassing
For many volunteers, canvassing can be daunting. However, a deep-dive approach can make the interactions more pleasant and fruitful for both participants in the conversation.

Deeper, longer exchanges give volunteers the opportunity to listen to voters, hear their concerns, find shared values, and reflect what they've heard, all by sharing and relating their own stories. This approach frequently enables canvassers to help voters see issues from a different perspective.
Call to action

Learn more about the deep-dive approach to canvassing.

Blueprint Bootcamp:
Strategies for Direct Voter Contact!

Blueprint Bootcamp

Learn about strategies for direct voter engagement in this month’s Blueprint Bootcamp skill-building session. Each month, Blueprint Bootcamp presents a different way that grassroots organizers can gains skills and knowledge, empowering attendees to design and manage their own initiatives.

Call to action
Sign up for Strategies for Direct Voter Contact!
Wednesday, July 21 @ 6:00 pm ET
You’ll see all the upcoming topics so you can put future events in your calendar!

Read About Indivisible's Blueprint for Democracy.
With Indivisible Mass Coalition

Did you notice all the other grassroots organizations mentioned in this newsletter? These connections are why you’re seeing “Swing Blue Alliance” in our emails and on our website.

Throughout the summer, Swing Left Greater Boston is transitioning our name and focus to reflect our ongoing collaboration with like-minded organizations within Massachusetts and across the country.


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