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Make Room for Student Activism

Posted on September 26, 2020


Make Room for Student Activism

Students for Biden

You must know young people who realize what an important role they have in this election. Many have decided to vote but are looking for the right way to make their mark.

Swing Left Greater Boston college-age interns are already doing their part, and they’re looking for peers to join the fight. Pass on this issue and point your 16-to-25-year-old friends and family to the next couple of articles.

Please pass on info about our first phone bank for 16-25 year olds. May it become one of many!

Phone Bank Callers Wanted
Ages 16-25!

Daily Bruin Students Phone Banking

We may not be able to call together, but we can call together .

Here’s a phone bank run by and for young people who want to get involved in the election.

Avani Anne and Maggie Connolly — interns for SLGB Wisconsin — are starting a phone bank run by and for people of their own age. They set up the events, wrote the messaging, and will run the phone bank.

Every Zoom session begins with introductions and training. One or both interns will stay on the call as you phone potential Democratic voters.

Try just one session, and you’ll be hooked!
Call to action

Learn more and sign up to make calls at the 
SLGB Wisconsin Youth Phone Bank 
every Thursday @ 7:00 pm

(Don’t forget to use social media: let your world know what you’re doing and get your followers involved, as well.)

A Note from Avani and Maggie

Avani and Maggie, Inventors of WI Youth Phone Bamk

We started this phone bank to create a space where 16-to-25 year olds could gather … people like us, who are interested in politics and want to beat Trump in November. We’re hoping to give people our age events made for and by their peers.

In our first phone bank this week, we made lots of calls, had fun, and contributed to swinging Wisconsin blue! We’re excited to expand our group each week!

We’re giving “the youth vote” a voice in American politics, a voice that will get louder … not only for Biden but for the future of democracy in this country. To all young people: This our seat at the table.

Avani Anne, a 17-year-old from California, is currently on a gap year and will be starting college at Harvey Mudd College next fall. Maggie Connolly, a 21-year-old from Indiana, is currently a senior at the College of Holy Cross in Worcester, MA.

Interns Work on Videos, Research, Graphics Design, and More

#ThatsWhy video

In Maine, three interns took time from everything else they were doing to work with Kyle Jones and David Kurushima on Maine’s #ThatsWhy video.

Hannah Sherffius, a recent Wheaton College grad, just finished a fellowship with the Markey campaign; for SL Maine, she’s done a great job networking with college students, composing emails, and saving the day with last-minute project management.

Izzy Lockhart, a freshman at Bowdoin College, designed compelling graphics explaining the video project and networked at her school, as well.

Mitch Saunders, starting his freshman year at Tufts, designed complementary materials for the video and is now doing research comparing Susan Collins’ and Angus King’s records.

Call to actionWatch their #ThatsWhy video to discover Why volunteer? 
Then go to the Maine page on Swing Left Greater Boston to answer What will you do?