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Let’s Get Out the Vote

Posted on October 1, 2022

Thank you for working hard with your groups to keep our huge effort strong. Every postcard is a potential vote, and each vote increases our possibility of a win.

We know that you are all reading about the threats to our democracy. States throughout the country have legalized their ability to discount the voices of their constituents and delegitimize an election.

But there is hope.

The House of Representatives has passed the Electoral Count Act, a much-needed revision to the Act of 1887 that fostered the January 6th Insurrection. In sum, the law makes it illegal for states to nullify legitimate electors. It now rests with the Senate.

While the Electoral Count Act has bipartisan support, the vote to pass it will not be taken until after the midterms. We need to send a strong message to the Senate: pass the reformed Act. Until it is passed, our candidates are vulnerable, even when they are legally elected. Only the vote, in overwhelming numbers, will protect them from these challenges.

If we hold the House, and increase our vote in the Senate by even one, we can re-imagine our country.

When we envision a future for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, we see:

  • Congress codifying Roe
  • Our country moving to renewable energy and significant climate control legislation
  • Gun control legislation outlawing semi-automatic weapons and ammunition
  • Congress passing voting rights legislation
  • Policies promoting racial equity
  • Health care for all

Too much to ask? No! We are united in our goals and our belief that a true democracy embraces and supports all its citizens.

Take Action

Swing Blue Alliance has two mailing campaigns available now on the eStore. These state campaigns will make a big difference in reaching our national goals.

Order materials >

In Pennsylvania, our ballot chase letters are a direct mailing to targeted Democratic voters who applied for a mail-in ballot. Our groups sent 140,000 households mail-in ballot applications; now we are sending ballot chase letters with info about how to complete the ballots and encouraging voters to mail them early or use a drop box.

This is another chance for your group to step up and support our campaign and state partners. Letters must be mailed in early October. If together, we get 8,000 more people to vote, we have moved the possibility of an electoral win in Pennsylvania.

In the swing state of North Carolina, we have another campaign in support of State Rep. Ricky Hurtado, a progressive Democrat. He is the first Latino Democrat elected to the NC General Assembly, and he won by only 477 votes out of more than 40,000 cast. His victory is another example of how important each vote is.

As in our previous NC campaigns, a vote for Hurtado will also be an up-ballot vote for US Senate Candidate Cheri Beasley. The deadline is October 10th to mail. We have to move quickly.

Thank you and your group. We are all leaning in together.


Thank you,

Janet Nelson and the Swing Blue Alliance team – Alix, Bob, Julia, Richard, Sarah, Susan

Do not stand idly by – Elie Wiesel

Activism is the antidote to despair – Joan Baez