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July 31st Newsletter

Posted on August 18, 2021


State Senators Continue S. 1 Advocacy
Join the Organizing Hub: Phone Bank for S. 1
Gear Up for 2022: Phone Bank Road Test
Announcing Our 2022 Strategy
Updates on S. 1
Spanish Phone Bank for S. 1
Swing Blue Alliance: Rebrand Coming Soon


State Senators Continue S. 1 Advocacy

Save Our Freedom to Vote Sign at
Two state senators from Massachusetts, Jo Comerford and Becca Rausch, joined 150 state legislators from around the country for a rally to ask the U.S. Senate to protect voting rights. 30 minutes after the rally ended, Senator Comerford wrote to thank the tireless activists at Northampton Indivisible:

"A rally to bring together 150 state legislators from 30 states ended moments ago. DC is buzzing with chants of #RecessCanWait! Sending a few pictures to give you a sense of the energy and commitments being made today. I'm SO inspired by state colleagues on the ground in states like Texas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Wisconsin."

Your calls and postcards to constituents of key senators is helping to fuel the fire for voter rights.
Call to action
To Take Action, Visit the S. 1 Page On Our Website


Organizing Hub: Phone Bank for S. 1

The Organizing Hub logo
Join Susan Labandibar and Jeff Lobo from Swing Blue Alliance on Saturday from 3-5 pm at the Mass Dems Organizing Hub for a phone bank to pass the For the People Act. A new version of the bill will be out shortly, so now is a great time to call.

This phone bank set up by End Citizens United uses your computer to dial NH voters to ask them to show their support for the bill. No phone needed! Voters who agree to speak to their senator are patched through quickly and easily to the senator's office.

There will be training and support for the whole time you are calling.

To prepare: Make sure you have a computer with a microphone (preferably a headset) and a solid Internet connection.



Gear up for 2022: Phone Bank Road Test

Help Activists Become Active

At Swing Blue Alliance, we know that it takes a special kind of volunteer for justice in a state that's not your own. That's why we're so grateful to Neighbors on Call (NoC) for creating a special out-of-state chapter, headed by Fran Grigsby who lives in Washington, D.C.

On August 11th at 7pm, Neighbors on Call is launching a trial of a new toolkit that they will make available to incumbent legislators to help them build local volunteer teams and connect with their constituents year-round. NC Rep. Terence Everitt is helping us test it out- and we need your input too.

  • Representative Everitt will describe his district, its voters, and his reelection plan
  • Overview of the phone banks and the debrief process.
  • Description of the outreach toolkit and the plan to make it available to incumbent legislators for their outreach efforts.
  • Call to action


Announcing Our 2022 Strategy

Road to 2022
In preparation for the 2022 midterms, Swing Blue Alliance is building relationships with groups on the ground, learning where we can fill in the gaps, and creating opportunities for volunteers to take targeted and effective action. We plan to help do the year-round organizing work that gets voters engaged, strengthens and grows the Democratic base, and connects with independent voters.

We plan to be active in states where we can be productive, narrowing in on competitive races where we have the chance to win. We are planning work in Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Virginia.
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Read More On Our Blog


Updates on S. 1

For the People Week of Action
It can be difficult to see what progress is being made to pull together our "big tent" Democratic Party behind protecting the freedom to cast a vote and have it count. But progress is being made and we are doing our part to keep up the momentum, alongside:
  • Senators working on a compromise to ensure key voting reforms can pass
  • Democratic lawmakers, including more than 100 state legislators, rallying at the Capitol Tuesday
  • Rallies saying "Recess can wait! Democracy can't!"
  • Our partner Common Cause organizing over 1.5 million dials and nearly 9,000 calls to senators

Join us as we continue to make our voices heard on the critical need for voting reform.

Call to action
Check Out Our Events Supporting S. 1h


Spanish Phone Banks for S. 1

Spanish-Speaking Phone Bank
For many years, some Hispanic voters have not been able to access information regarding their voting rights because of their language barrier. As a group of young Spanish-speaking volunteers, we believe this needs to change, as citizens should always be aware of their democratic rights.

We invite you to join us in our effort to have Hispanic people's voices be heard by their senators. Join us to call Spanish-speaking voters in CA to encourage them to contact their  senators to support the For the People Act, eliminate the filibuster and combat voter suppression.

You'll need to be fluent in both Spanish and English, but there are no other requirements -- shifts always include training for first-timers. Call to action
¡Por favor, ponga a trabajar bien sus habilidades lingüísticas!

Mondays at 2:00 pm ET
Only two more weeks!

Swing Left to Swing Blue Alliance

During the 2020 election, we realized that we wanted our name to reflect the full sum of our community, our partners, as well as the independence we've built over the last five years. Therefore, over the course of this summer, we'll be renaming and rebranding Swing Left Greater Boston to Swing Blue Alliance, to better reflect the reality of our organization, hosts, volunteers, and partnerships.


If you want immediate access to breaking news about event and issues, join the Swing Blue Alliance/Swing Left Greater Boston Facebook group. You can subscribe (or not) to get those updates in your email. Visit our Facebook page, click Join, and we'll add you to our community.
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