June 11, 2018 Newsletter
Meet Swing Blue Alliance's Winter 2022 Interns
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January 22, 2022 Newsletter

Posted on January 23, 2022

Volunteers Taking Back Democracy

January 22, 2022

Issue #180

In This Issue
Flip NH 
●  Voting Rights in AZ
 ●  Postcarding Effectiveness  ●  Roundup Recap

 High-Impact Activism  ●  Support Senator Warnock  ●  Deep Canvassing for NH 

Win Blue NH Kickoff

We Can Flip New Hampshire

So far this year, we’ve already laid the groundwork in NH for 2022. We’ve canvassed and called for the Manchester mayoral and city races and for the Derry special election. We’ve also been experimenting with voter registration in this tough-to-register state.

Now, we’re taking the next steps to turn NH Blue in 2022. We’re bringing you the most impactful actions to achieve victory in these races through partnerships with the Pappas campaign, the Hassan and coordinated campaigns, Working America, Kent Street Coalition, Granite State Matters, and town and county Dem groups.

Join our Win Blue NH Kickoff meeting featuring K.R. Epstein, Chris Pappas’s Organizing Director. Epstein will talk about the NH landscape and our slate of upcoming actions.

We’ll also introduce our plans for deep canvassing. (What’s deep canvassing you ask? Check out the Learning Corner at the bottom of this newsletter.)

Mon, Jan 24 @ 7 pm ET

Let us know if you’d like more information about the Win Blue NH team and would like to receive our newsletter. Contact Win Blue NH directly.


Results of Postcarding

Do Postcards Make a Difference?

Do handwritten postcards and letters to voters affect election outcomes? The answer is: It depends!

In an effort to promote a greater understanding of volunteer-written postcard and letter campaigns, Swing Blue Alliance is hosting a Groundhog Day webinar on the impact of postcarding. John Loewenstein, Director of Research, will reveal the results of Swing Blue Alliance’s 2020 postcard campaigns. He will also discuss what kinds of handwritten letter/postcard writing campaigns are likely to be effective in 2022.

You will receive a list of questions any volunteer should ask before joining a hand-written postcard or letter-writing campaign.

Wed, Feb 2 @ 7 pm ET 


Voting Rights: Thank you SBA Volunteers!

Roundup Recap

High-Impact Activism

The presentation is offered twice, each time with the same material:

Tue, Jan 25 @12:00 - 1:30 pm ET

Wed, Feb 16 @ 8 - 9:30 pm ET

Meet Senator Raphael Warnock

Deep Canvassing for NH

Imagine a methodology that had a substantial impact on decreasing Trump’s 2020 vote margin, one that is estimated to be many times more effective per person than the average campaign persuasion program.

A growing body of academic research finds that carrying out deep canvassing, both in-person and by phone, can have a real, measurable, and lasting effect on changing hearts and minds.

Using deep canvassing, volunteers chat one-on-one with voters. The volunteer uses a process called active listening, which encourages voters to talk about their own personal experiences. This type of conversation taps into emotions and helps the voter see relationships between their own values and their actual votes.

Please join us as the Win Blue NH team partners with Chris Pappas’ campaign. You'll learn more about deep canvassing and making deep connections with voters.

Wed, Jan 26 @ 6 pm ET

Thu, Jan 27 @ 5 pm ET

Our Mission

Swing Blue Alliance (formerly Swing Left Greater Boston) is the largest all-volunteer Democratic grassroots organization headquartered in Massachusetts. We use proven methods to protect our Democracy, work on competitive local and national elections, and strengthen the Democratic party at the grassroots level.

Your contribution will help fund the operations of this volunteer-produced newsletter, which goes out to over 15K subscribers.

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