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January 2 Newsletter

Posted on January 2, 2021


Time to Do This!

Warnock and Ossoff Jan 5 2021
Rev. Raphael Warnock                                     Jon Ossoff
On January 5, 2021, Georgia could send TWO Democratic senators to the US Senate. We need all hands on deck -- whether you're in Georgia or helping from afar.

Let’s give credit to the work of Black activists and their organizations, especially Black women like Stacey Abrams, Helen Butler, Nse Ufot, Deborah Scott, and Tamieka Atkins. These Georgians set the stage, making this election a fair fight. Thank you to them!
Four Days Left to Flip the Senate!


Last Chance Weekend of Action!

GOTV Weekend of Action
Join the Swing Left Greater Boston GOTV Weekend of Action to call Georgia Democrats in Forsyth and Gwinnett Counties. Both Senate races are dead heats. We need record turnouts to win.

Call anytime on Saturday, January 2

Call anytime on Sunday, January 3

Keep at it through Election Day!


Letter from Gwinnett County

Georgia Peach
Dear Susan,
With eight days until election day, best wishes and a report from Gwinnett County, Georgia.

The runoff campaign evolves daily. Georgia Dems canvassers are out every day. Early voting goes through 7 PM Thursday of this week (New Year's Eve). Then comes in-person voting on Jan 5.

The campaign is at 110% in some respects and uneven in others. Every form of media is swamped. It may come down to a few votes --very hard to tell because relative turnout is such a big factor.

The core Democratic vote is solid. But we must assume Republicans will be just as solid on January 5. Trumpers and Republican State leadership are bitterly at odds, what with Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue siding with Trump. What the “non-political” vote will do isn’t clear.

In this situation, personal contact is key. The more Georgia's Democratic voters hear from their own circle, the more they activate, the more they volunteer or reach out to their own friends, family, and networks. The more engaged they are, the better Rev. Warnock and Jon Ossoff will do.

Friends out of state ask "what can we do to help?"
  • Reach out to contacts you have in Georgia and encourage them to engage: It’s a national contest, but a Georgia decision; only Georgians will make the difference.
  • Be informed: subscribe to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. (On the subscription page, scroll down to the “unlimited digital access” period: one month=99 cents!) This election is front page news across the country, but AJC provides breadth and depth.
  • Phone bank from anywhere with Georgia Dems: Tens of millions of dollars a day are being spent on paid communications, but it's people talking -- and listening -- to each other that count. If you're phoning, encouragement and empathy are the watchwords.
Georgians will decide, but everyone can help! Let's do what we can.
Dan Matthew
Buford, GA (until Jan 6)
Dan is a member of the Needham Democratic Town Committee and active with Force Multiplier.


The (Not-Too-Long!) Pause

Starting Sunday, January 10, Swing Left Greater Boston will be on Pause. We're taking this opportunity to relax, reflect, and plan our strategy for 2021. You won't see any events, calendar updates, changes to the website, or other communications until March 6. At that point, look for new initiatives and new ways to stay involved and make a difference with Democratic candidates and the Democratic Party!


Follow people and organizations hard at work in Georgia
Reverend Raphael Warnock (@RaphaelWarnock)
Jon Ossoff (@JonOssoff)
Stacey Abrams (@StaceyAbrams)
Fair Fight Action (@FairFightAction)
Black Voters Matter (@BlackVotersMtr)
New Georgia Project (@NewGeorgiaProject)
The Democratic Party of Georgia (@GeorgiaDemocrat)
Keisha Lance Bottoms (@KeishaBottoms) [Mayor of Atlanta]
Nikema Williams (@NikemaForCongress)
[Nikema is the Congresswoman-elect for the Fifth District of Georgia
(John Lewis's seat) and Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia]

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