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Honor RBG by Adopting a State

Posted on September 19, 2020


SLGB Super States

Honor RBG by Adopting a State
Let’s dedicate this weekend to Ruth Bader Ginsberg. There’s no better way to honor her than to fight for democracy.

To that end, we’re asking you to focus your volunteering on one of Swing Left’s Super States. A win in any of these battleground states could swing the country blue.

Why pick one state?
This proven strategy allows you to create relationships with other volunteers … and to get to know the state’s issues and candidates. These connections will increase your impact as a volunteer significantly.

How do you pick which state?
You may have personal reasons: You’re from there or went to college there. You have friends and family there. You’ve always wanted to go there on vacation. Swing Left Greater Boston has adopted six of our closest super states: Maine, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Read on to find out which state you will pledge to support.


Choose Maine

As of now, Maine is the tipping point race for the Senate. It looks like we need four seats to flip the US Senate. Maine is currently the fourth most likely seat to flip.

Sara Gideon and Susan Collins are currently neck and neck in the polls. Let’s oust Collins and boot Mitch McConnell from Senate leadership. Then, we can get back to work on critical issues affecting our country.

Of course, there’s the White House. We’re determined to put the Electoral College vote for Maine’s second congressional district in Joe Biden’s column.

Swing Left Maine is focusing on phone banks to identify supporters and then “chase ballots” in early October. We’re also looking for voter protection workers who can staff hotlines from home, as well as Maine residents who can serve as poll and absentee ballot watchers.

Watch the video and see what’s going on in Maine.

Pledge time to support Maine Dems.


choose Michigan

Trump won Michigan by only 10,704 votes, the smallest margin of any state. After the 2016 loss, dynamo groups — like StateWide Indivisible Michigan (SWIM) and their partners — stepped up. Their efforts delivered 2018 victories, including winning the governorship and seven previously Republican seats.

This groundwork positions Michigan as one of our best opportunities. Not only are Michigan’s 16 Electoral College votes up for grabs; we need just four seats to take back the state’s House of Representatives for the first time since 2010.

With Dem leadership in the State House, Michigan could end gerrymandering, address environmental issues and groundwater contamination, and increase funding for schools, healthcare, and infrastructure.

Watch why Michigan is a Super State
why the Michigan State House is so important.

Pledge time to support Michigan Dems.


Choose North Carolina

North Carolina Republicans have a reputation for dirty tactics. They’ve put through waiting periods for abortion, partisan gerrymandering, and racist voter ID laws. They even tried to pass the anti-trans “bathroom bill.”

At the same time, NC is called “the purplest state in the country.” Traditionally, the Governor’s office goes to a Democrat. Now, Joe Biden consistently holds a narrow margin over Trump. Races in purple states are often decided by very few percentage points.

We’re focusing on two races: Biden/Harris for the White House and Cal Cunningham for the crucial Senate seat so we can dump Mitch McConnell. We’re also supporting Frances Jackson, Kim Hardy, and several other candidates, with hopes of breaking Republican control of the state legislature.

Watch the video and see what’s going on in North Carolina.

Pledge time to support North Carolina Dems.


Choose Wisconsin

For well over a year, it’s been clear that Wisconsin is one of the most likely tipping point states for the 2020 Presidential election.

Republicans controlled Wisconsin from 2011 to 2019. They enacted many anti-democratic laws, including voter ID requirements. Analysis shows those laws reduced turnout by at least 200,000 votes in 2016.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is aiming to ensure safe voting during the pandemic. We’re all working against Republican attempts to deter voters.

Swing Left aims to:

  • Win the state’s 10 Electoral College votes
  • Prevent a GOP supermajority in the state legislature in 2020
  • Lay the groundwork to flip the Wisconsin State Senate and House in 2022

Watch the video and see what’s going on in Wisconsin.

Pledge time to support Wisconsin Dems.


Choose Pennsylvania

In 2016, Trump won Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral College votes by only 44,000 ballots. Republicans have controlled both state houses since 2010. In that time, they’ve instituted some of the most bizarre gerrymandering in the county.

Then, in the 2018 midterms, Dems took the governorship and four Republican Congressional seats, narrowing the number of seats needed to take back the State Senate and House. If we flip the legislature, the Dems could actually dismantle years of politically motivated redistricting.

Swing Left phone banks are encouraging infrequent Democrats to request and submit vote-by-mail ballots. We’re also finding volunteers to staff voter protection hotlines. Next? Let’s get out the vote!

Watch the video and see what’s going on in Pennsylvania.

Pledge time to support Pennsylvania Dems.


Choose Florida

Florida’s 29 Electoral College votes may decide the 2020 Presidential election. In addition, there’s a big opportunity to break long-held Republican majorities in state government by flipping the Florida State House.

With recent close elections, Florida Democrats are motivated to get out vote-by-mail efforts, increase Democratic voter turnout, and turn Florida blue this year.

Watch the video and see what’s going on in Florida.

Pledge time to support Florida Dems.


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