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Get on the Bandwagon!

Posted on September 26, 2020


Miss the Star-Studded Get-Out-the-Vote Virtual Rally?

GOTV Virtual Rally

Were you one of the 350-plus attendees at the Zoom rally on Sept 25? If not, you can still get on the bandwagon and watch the video. What will you see?

  • A powerful tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown on the increasingly high stakes of the election and the power of Joe Biden’s ‘Build Back’ plan
  • Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s list of what there is to be *for* in this this election cycle: competence, dignity, and unity, as well as the chance to reverse climate change and systemic racism
  • Georgia State Senator Nikema Williams (who is running for the late John Lewis’ seat in the House of Representatives) avowing, “It’s all on the line this year, y’all. We have to convince friends and relatives to vote; they may not vote for someone they don’t know on the ballot, but they’ll vote for you.”
  • A video from The Americans actor Noah Emmerich, who said that no role in his career is as meaningful as the role we all play as U.S. citizens
  • Senator Ed Markey’s speech about uniting — not dividing — the country, which concluded with an inspiring, “We’ll look back at now as our proudest political moment.”

The evening itself was interspersed with opportunities for attendees to pledge time to phone bank. More than 100 attendees pledged, even before the end of the event.Call to action

Watch the video and see for yourself. 

Pledge your time to put Dems in power.