Fight Voter Suppression

Join the fight against Voter Suppression

Fight Voter Suppression

The Senate Democrats have released updates to the For the People Act in the form of new federal voting rights legislation, the Freedom to Vote Act.

The Freedom to Vote Act will protect our right to vote by ensuring that Americans can register to vote, cast a ballot, and have that ballot counted fairly.  These measures are critical to preserving democracy, and it is critical that Democrats are push the legislation through the Senate. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) is looking for 10 Republicans to support the Act, but we are asking Democratic Senators to publicly advocate that the filibuster be bypassed so that this legislation can become law.

Finish the Job rallies

On August 28, 2021, Swing Blue Alliance and Indivisible Mass Coalition sent a ten-member delegation to the March on Washington for Voting Rights in Washington, D.C. Tens of thousands of peaceful protesters participated in two separate marches, one ending on the Washington Mall and the other at the Lincoln Memorial. 

On September 17, Finish the Job rallies will be held across the country and in Framingham, Sudbury, and Eastham. Click here for a list of rallies.

Other actions

  • Text “Democracy” to 33339 to receive daily text reminders to call your Senator and President Biden.
  • Become a postcard event host. Recruit friends to write postcards to senators in key swing states where our advocacy will have the biggest impact. 
  • Join a phone bank. Encourage voters in key swing states to call their Senators and express support for the Freedom to Vote Act.
  • Use this toolkit from FairFight to the spread the word on social media.
  • Call the White House every TuesThursThe comment line is now open! But only from TuesThurs, 11 am-3 pm Eastern time. (You can either talk to a human or leave a voicemail – you can leave a voicemail only during these 12 hours each week.)
  • To speak with us about more ways to get involved, please contact us at

Let’s keep the momentum going

Swing Blue Alliance’s postcard campaign has generated thousands of calls from constituents to their inactive U.S. Senators. Let’s keep up the pressure!

As of September 7, volunteers from SBA, along with Blue Wave Postcard Movement, have generated 10,000 constituent calls to Senators in WV, AZ, NY, NH, ME, NV, DE, and VA with an average response rate of 1.7%!