Fight Voter Suppression

Let the freedom to vote ring across our nation

Fight Voter Suppression

Taking the Voting Rights Fight to the States

With federal voting rights legislation stalled in the Senate, voting rights efforts have now moved to individual states.  Sign up to become an organizer for the latest updates!

Our partner Common Cause has currently emphasized voter protection work in California, Delaware, Georgia, and Texas, with activities tailored to each specific state.  Current priorities include:

  • Recruiting poll watchers and poll monitors in key states
  • Supporting lawsuits challenging state voter suppression legislation and gerrymandering
  • Coordinating letters to the editor parties in support of voting rights

Together we can make a difference: Sign up today to protect voting rights and ensure that every citizen can cast a ballot — and that their ballot will be counted.

The Fight Is Far From Over There’s no way to sugarcoat it – the Senate vote on the Freedom to Vote: John Lewis Act was deeply disappointing and enraging. We may have lost this battle, but our fight is far from over.

While the bill was once again blocked, this was a crucial step for our movement. The Senate has now debated the attacks on our freedom to vote, as well as the merits of rules reform, for the whole country to see. Every Senator has been forced to make a choice on the record, to stand up for democracy or to stand with those who would rather tear it down. We would not have made it to this point without the tireless advocacy of people like you. 

Send a Letter to the Editor (LTE) to your local newspaper to thank your Senator or hold them accountable!

Our movement must take some time to regroup, and plan the path ahead for national legislation to protect the freedom to vote. In the meantime, we can thank our Senate champions for their support, and hold detractors accountable. Join a Common Cause phone bank hosted by Swing Blue Alliance volunteers:

America needs federal legislation to assure national standards and safe and fair elections.   The two voting rights bills blocked by the filibuster returned oversight of federal elections in the states to nonpartisan officials, and reinstated many of the successful 2020 initiatives designed to make voting easier and more accessible for Americans, including expanded no-excuse voting by mail, a practice long used in many states regardless of party dominance.

Republicans have introduced more than 400  voter suppression bills and 19 states have already passed legislation that will make voting and access to the ballot far more difficult for millions of Americans. When election oversight, including the  counting of  ballots, is placed in the hands of partisan officials (as is the case in the Georgia voter suppression law) rather than with professional and non-partisan election officials,  the very cornerstone of our democratic system remains at risk.

Massachusetts Stands Out for Voting Rights

Despite the constraints of organizing rallies during a pandemic, Swing Blue Alliance partnered with Indivisible Mass Coalition to organize six statewide campaigns for national voting rights legislation. These included:

  • On January 6th, on the one-year anniversary of the attack on the US Capitol, Swing Blue Alliance helped organize vigils in 23 cities and towns across Massachusetts.
  • On November 17th, leaders from Indivisible Mass Coalition, Swing Blue Alliance, and the New Democracy Coalition delivered a giant letter to President Biden as part of the Voting Rights Now! civil disobedience action.  
  • Time to Act week – November 6-14 – Swing Blue Alliance and Indivisible Mass Coalition helped organize 18 rallies across Massachusetts to raise awareness about voter suppression and offer opportunities to sign the giant letter to Biden.
  • October 23rd-24th Weekend of Action
  • August 28th March on Washington
  • Freedom to Vote Rallies: June 26th