Fight Voter Suppression

Let the freedom to vote ring across our nation

Fight Voter Suppression

Biden Appeals for Passage of Voting Rights Legislation

In light of President Biden’s speech in Georgia on January 11 announcing his support for ending the filibuster to pass voting rights legislation, the battle for free and fair elections has entered a new phase. The fate of the new  Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act is  at stake. 

Republicans have introduced more than 400  voter suppression bills and 19 states have already passed legislation that will make voting and access to the ballot far more difficult for millions of Americans. When election oversight, including the  counting of  ballots, is placed in the hands of partisan officials (as is the case in the Georgia voter suppression law) rather than with professional and non-partisan election officials,  the very cornerstone of our democratic system remains at risk. 

The two voting rights bills not only return oversight of federal elections in the states to nonpartisan officials, they reinstate many of the successful 2020 initiatives designed to make voting easier and more accessible for Americans, including expanded no-excuse voting by mail, a practice long used in many states regardless of party dominance.

“Do you want to be on the side of Dr. King or George Wallace? …on the side of John Lewis or Bull Connor?”     

-President Joe Biden, January 11, 2022


Senate Votes Expected on January 17th, MLK Day

Majority Leader Schumer has scheduled a vote on Senate rules for debate of voting rights legislation for January 17, MLK Day.  

Dr. Martin Luther King’s family  has requested “no celebration” of MLK Day unless federal lawmakers pass voting rights legislation.

Swing Blue Alliance is one of more than 400 groups making up the Declaration for American Democracy coalition  urging Democratic Senators  to endorse changes to the filibuster that would allow Democrats to pass both voting rights bills overturning voter suppression laws, ensuring fair district maps, and protecting our elections from partisan interference.    

America needs  the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to assure national standards and safe and fair elections.   

Join us and take action to protect our democracy – Here are actions you can take now!

    • Call your Senator and President Biden. Text “Democracy” to 33339 to receive daily text reminders.
    • Become  a postcard event host.   We’ve been partnering with Common Cause to lobby key Democratic Senators to support a carve-out of the filibuster to pass voting rights legislation. We’ve written to voters in WV, AZ, NV, ME, DE, NY, and NH.  We’re returning to reaching out to voters in AZ to lobby Sen. Kyrsten Sinema.
    • Join a phone bankOur phone banking now is with Common Cause. Phone banking along with our postcard campaign have led to thousands of calls to key senators!  

Massachusetts Stands Out for Voting Rights

On January 6th, on the one-year anniversary of the attack on the US Capitol, Swing Blue Alliance helped organize vigils in 23 cities and towns across Massachusetts.

On November 17th, leaders from Indivisible Mass Coalition, Swing Blue Alliance, and the New Democracy Coalition delivered a giant letter to President Biden as part of the Voting Rights Now! civil disobedience action.  

Time to Act week – November 6-14 – Swing Blue Alliance and Indivisible Mass Coalition helped organize 18 rallies across Massachusetts offered passersby the opportunity to learn about the bills and sign the letters to Biden.