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Newsletter: November 13, 2020
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Election Defenders Countdown

Posted on November 13, 2020

Why a Countdown? 

A countdown is a public declaration of the time remaining between now and a long-anticipated change. A countdown not only measures time: it also reminds us of what we’ve done over time and what action we still need to take. As an Election Defender, we’re asking you to start a countdown to the inauguration. Why?

  • Because over the past four years we have felt powerless 
  • Because over the past four years we have also been powerful
  • We have marched, protested, petitioned, organized, danced, and voted
  • Because we want to continue to spread joy
  • Because we want to stay activated and ready
  • Because the election ain’t over and we’re defending it all the way to 1/20/21

The #6for46 Countdown

Everyday at 6pm local time, step outside your door or stick your head out the window and count down the number of days left until the inauguration. Think New Years Eve — “54… 53… 52… 51…”  When you get to 1,  you can cheer, clap, and woot woot. Get your neighbors involved. Put up a sign in your window so others know what’s up! 

Additional Ways to Countdown

  • Put a sign in your window with the number of days left and change it daily
  • Make a mural or use sidewalk chalk to make an calendar in a public space
  • Create a google calendar and share it with your friends
  • Get creative!

Share the collective joy with us! 

We want to see your cool ideas, your celebrations, and your rituals. Send us an email at with photos, videos, or any other media of you and your community counting down to the Inauguration. 

Click here to view our pre-made countdown signs for your windows, cars, or whatever!