Foiling Voter Suppression in Georgia
La Importancia de los Bancos Telefónicos (The Importance of Phone Banking)
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December 10, 2022 Newsletter

Posted on December 11, 2022
Massachusetts' best resource for keeping the House and the Senate and turning purple states Blue.
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Volunteers Taking Back Democracy

December 10, 2022

Issue #225

In this issue

●  Thank you!
●  December Roundup  ●  Send us your volunteer stories

●  From the Georgia front lines 

Ways to say thank you

We did it! Thanks to the efforts of Swing Blue Alliance volunteers like you, the Dems:

  • At the national level, reaped a 51-to-49 majority in the Senate for greater margin to push through their agenda
  • At the state level, maintained or won “trifectas” and fended off Republican supermajorities
  • Across elections, shattered the previous pattern of major losses for the president's party in midterm elections

December Roundup: Your Perspective

The December 11 Swing Blue Alliance All-Volunteer Roundup will be devoted to your comments, ideas, critiques, and suggestions. Please come to share your views about what worked and what needs to be improved.

Don’t miss this opportunity to tell us what you are thinking in breakout rooms dedicated to phonebanks, postcard/letter writing, canvassing, and other areas of SBA’s efforts.

Sun, Dec 11 @ 5 pm EST

All of us have had experiences that make it clear why we volunteer. A personal connection … a saved vote … an ah-ha moment … a simple thank-you. We’re hoping to collect these stories for all to share.

To jumpstart your memories, here are success stories from two volunteers:

  • I was making GOTV calls for the runoff, talking to a Warnock supporter who was heading out the door to vote. I reminded him that his polling place was the local community center. He had been headed to the local library where he voted in November. Just in the nick of time!

  • In late October, I talked to a New Hampshire voter who was angry and insisted that she was not going to vote because "both parties are corrupt." I resisted the urge to disagree and instead listened to her concerns. She wound up saying she was glad she got to talk with me. I'm not sure whether she voted, but if she did it was thanks to our conversation.

Email us your recollections.

If you are a host who has collected stories from participants to your events, please use the button above to send me your collection of smiles.

Six intrepid Swing Blue Alliance volunteers travelled to Georgia in the final days before the run-off, to canvass for Raphael Warnock. Canvassers Alix Smullin and Martha Merson reported this especially poignant experience:

We knocked on the door of an older woman with a walker, who was very upset because she had been in Detroit until the night before, and was so sure she would not be able to turn in her absentee ballot that she had thrown it away.

The voter shared her life story, including pictures of her children, and hoped we could help her vote. Alix called voter protection and then found the voter’s ballot in the trash. We helped the voter get into the car, with walker and cane, and headed to the Board of Elections. Although we had  been told that only the voter herself could could deliver the ballot, we convinced the person in the office to let the elderly voter stay in the car while we brought the ballot in.

You can read the full-length version of how Alix and Martha foiled that instance of voter suppression on the Swing Blue Alliance Blog.

Our Mission

Swing Blue Alliance (formerly Swing Left Greater Boston) is the largest all-volunteer Democratic grassroots organization headquartered in Massachusetts. We use proven methods to protect our Democracy, work on competitive local and national elections, and strengthen the Democratic party at the grassroots level.

Your contribution will help fund the operations of this volunteer-produced newsletter, which goes out to over 15K subscribers.

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